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-Welcome to LucidGuide Comp-

LucidGuide Comp is a website developed to help computer users find the appropriate applications to repair and use their computers effectively.

Therefore, we offer full review of each and every software we provide, giving detailed information about its capabilities, uses, liabilities, and advantages of using the applications.

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We know that every application is not perfect, therefore we offer the best alternatives based on their capabilities.

Then, we offer guides on how to use the applications for user satisfaction.

Our work is therefore helping every computer user achieve total satisfaction from the applications they purchase.

Troubleshootandfix comp-We are-
  • Determined to provide users with every software review.
  • Integrate. Covering every area that needs be touched
  • Precise. We do not add or subtract some of application qualities
-What we provide-

We provide users with appropriate software to maintain and repair their computers.

These are:

-data backup tools-

We recommend on the appropriate data backup tools and guidance through use of both backup software and online data backup platforms.

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-data recovery tools-

recover files from previous windows installation

We also recommend on the appropriate data recovery tools and guidance through the usage of both data recovery software and computer repair strategies.

Both go hand in hand in computer usage.
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-partition managers-

easeus manage partitionWe also provide recommendation for the appropriate  applications to use to manage and repair your hard disk.

These are the effective ways to repair and manage data.
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-Recommended tools-

Here are some of the most recommended tools that you should consider purchasing or downloading for trial.

Easeus backup todo advanced server     Easeus partition master unlimited

They are the most effective tools I have used to repair and maintain my computer

With these you can be able to:

-Why choose us-

Proffesion using your computerWe:

  • Offer genuine reviews on products we find.
  • 30 days money-back guarantee on every software.
  • Safe and secure purchase and money transaction systems.
  • All software is scanned and found plugin free and virus free.
  • 24/7 email, and online help.