Hardware problems

Most vulnerable computer hardware.

Computer hardware can be the least vulnerable parts in a computer to problems if, proper computer maintenance practices are taken every day.

Least vulnerable computer hardware to problems

See, Computers are only susceptible to damage from external sources due to the fact that a motherboard of each device are integrated inside the plastic covers that protect them from external damage. Therefore damage is least expected on the devices.

Therefore, if a computer is kept in good order and is well maintained, there is less likelihood of hardware failure.

Of course, good computer maintenance does not guarantee lack of computer problems. It does, however guarantee reduced computer problems especially hardware problems.

Therefore, it is essential to learn how to troubleshoot a computer effectively just in case.

Proper computer maintenance increases lifespan.Proper computer maintainace insreases lifespan

Just thinking out loud, when you buy a computer, it is never actually new right?

A computer is purchased previously by the seller and lasts for at least a month or even a year by the shop before you the buyer comes to buy it, right?

Then how come the computer is merely worn out when it is sold to you, while some computers come installed with a windows OS already.

This is perfect example to show that a properly maintained computer, should remain healthy. And a computer that remains never to be disassembled, should remain new. In fact, research shows that computers which are constantly disassembled wreck faster than computers that are rarely disassembled.

Let me put it in simpler terms.

A computer comes installed in everything that you would require for it to run effectively. Computer hardware is not like software, where you have to keep installing and deleting applications every time they annoy you.

Therefore it should be less likely for you to open up your computer for your own computer’s safety.

If you keep opening up your computer you might end up wrecking it. Turns out, most damage that occur to a computer hardware are mostly user induced.

Vulnerable computer hardware devices.

Hard disk.

Vulnerable computer hardware-hard disk

This is the most vulnerable part in a computer compared to the rest of the parts. This does not mean that hard disks spoil easily, no please do not mistake me. Computer hardware rarely spoils.

However, for a hard disk, it is easy for the user to keep wrecking it bit by bit without even knowing it.

There are some mistakes that a user does that lead to slow damage of hard disks unknowingly.

Like me for example, I had to reinstall a new hard disk lately due to some failure in my hard disk I encountered.

Apparently I was used to shutting down my computer unexpectedly for so long that my hard disk spoilt little by little.

  • Overheating.
  • Scratching noises
  • Slow response in computer files.
  • Disappearing files and applications
  • Sudden restarting of the computer

If symptoms persist, make sure you back up your data immediately and take your hard disk to a technician before it is damaged beyond repair.

However, if your hard disk is fried you can try to retrieve data from it using some data recovery software.

I should recommend using Easeus data recovery tool. It is the best recovery tool I have come across.

Graphics card.

Most problems I find on this hardware, is the lack of a proper device drive driver installed.

Recently though, I have solved some corrupted graphics card related problems, for which I have found the symptoms somewhat differing.

At one point, I found a computer with a corrupt graphics card unable to install any other OS but a windows XP windows version.

Every time I installed windows in it, it crashed before the process could finish.

I had to return the computer to the shop since it was still new for my client to get another one with a good Graphics card.

On a second instance same problem: Weak graphics card problem.

I faced a computer for which was already installed in windows XP however the computer would keep restarting every ten minutes.

I thought there was a device with a wrong pre-installed driver, therefore I changed the windows version from XP to windows 7. Funny, the situation got worse.

As usual I would try the graphics driver first to see if it was faulty.

I therefore, disabled Intel HD graphics driver knowing that the VGA graphics driver would certainly install by default.

After restarting the computer, I was surprised that the problem had actually disappeared.

USB ports

Vulnerable computer hardware-USB port

USB port fail due to two main issues:

  • Spoilt terminals
  • And broken data cables

The two of which are impossible to be user caused. Unless the user disintegrates the computer often, without the know-how to, in which case they might end up messing up the cables and the terminals


Vulnarable computer hardware-keyboard

A keyboard poured water, milk or soda on is a spoilt keyboard. Do not even bother with it.
There are instances where I have heard users’ complaint that their keyboard buttons do no respond. However, these instances are very few.

In cases where a drink pours on the keyboard, this is a very possible outcome. In fact, after a drink pours on the keyboard (any liquid, including liquor), the keyboard does not respond anymore.

It is as good as a dead keyboard. The only solution for this problem is a new purchase of the keyboard.


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