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Easeus partition master review| Manage, create, and edit your hard disk partitions safely

Easeus partition master is a tool for managing your hard disk. It is well developed by CHENGDU YIWO tech development .co. ltd. Just as Easeus data recovery tool, it is very well developed and easy to use.

easeus manage partition

Requirements for installing Easeus partition master.

  • A CPU with a processing speed of  at least the frequency 500 MHz or an installed system of at least X86 (32bit).
  • RAM of at least 512MB.
  • Hard disk with a minimum of 100 MB of available space.

Supported devices and OS.

Supports all windows versions including Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, and vista.

It can also be used on all storage medias including removable disks, HDD, SSD …etc

Uses of ease us partition master.

Partition recovery.

If you format or disk clean your hard disk and would like to retrieve your data in the same format it was, you can use this tool.

You only need to delete any partition on the space which your previous partition was located and scan for the partition. If the partition is found you can have it take the place it existed before as a whole.

It is a very efficient method of recovering data fully, you do not need to scan and recover them one by one to then arrange them all over again.

However, you must have some unallocated space enough to accommodate the size of the previous partition.

Merging partitions.

If you would like to merge two partitions together into one bigger partition, this tool can prove of much assistance to you.

You do not have to shrink space in order for you to be able to extend a partition anymore. You can also connect two partitions together to form one huge partition.

Shrink and extend partitions.

If you would like to create a new partition on your hard disk or increase the size of an existing partition on your hard disk, Ease us partition master allows you to shrink or extend partitions very easily.

Convert disk to GPT.

If you want to convert your hard disk to a complex dynamic style, to be able to manage your partitions easily, you can easily convert your disk to GPT partition style using this application.

However, before you take the step to convert an MBR hard disk partition format style to GPT, make sure you know the difference between the two partition format styles and the effects of converting your hard disk to GPT partition format style.

Wipe data and delete all partitions

You can also clean your hard disk and start a fresh, or just delete a partition and extend another.

Clone a disk.

Sometimes a user may want to transfer their data from one hard disk to another without having to copy or install windows on the hard disk.

To avoid the whole procedure of installing windows again, and coping data to the new hard disk, it could be easier to just clone the hard disk and run it without a lot of hustle.

Copy all data on a partition.

You can also copy data on a partition leaving other partitions untouched. In this case you can copy data on one partition into another.

Migrate OS to SSD/HDD.

You can also migrate an OS only to another external hard disk and run it from there.

Create new partition.

If you want to create a new partition using this software, all you have to do is shrink one partition and create another using the un-allocated space left.

It is a good way to organise your computer, by storing data on different partitions on your hard disk.

Running the software.

Hard disk operations are very delicate. Therefore while running this program it is important to make sure that all programs are closed in order for them not to interfere with the process you would like to carry out.

It is also important to note that the program is programmed with an undo button for which you can undo the operations taken that may be harmful to your computer. Therefore, do not close the application immediately after you have ran a process. Make sure to assess the repercussions of your actions to realize if it is necessary to undo them.

Lastly, like I said hard disk operations are very risky. Make sure you do not select a command you do not know its use. Please Google before you can click the button.

Downloading Easeus partition master.

The software is a cheap tool readily found.

The quality of its functions are way underrated by the price. It has many functions integrated in it that would require a lot of work and cash to get.

Merging hard disk partitions, creating a clone of your hard disk, coping a partition,….are just some of he functions that made me like this application more.

A while back I could have been forced to buy at least three to four software in order for me to accomplish only the above functions.

Therefore, for me I would recommend buying this application and unleashing its full potential. Buying the application will allow you to be able to use all the features on the application.

Buy the application.

buy this application.

However if you would like to use the application first and confirm if it can be of use to you. Download the free trial version.


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