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How to recover data using Easeus data recovery tool| A step by step guide on data recovery method.

Ease us data recovery is a tool developed to help people recover data deleted or lost in hard disks, removable disks and the storage media. For me personally, it has proved of much help since I’m a person who deletes data on my computer often to add more.

In some cases I may be required to retrieve the deleted files I may have deleted to review certain data, for example documents.

Therefore, Ease us data recovery tool proves of use to me since I can recover such files quite easily and revise to what I would have lost.

On my opinion, it is quite a good tool to invest in. In fact, it is the right tool to invest in to recover your data.

Why choose Ease us data recovery.

Ease us data recovery is the best recovery tool I have ever used to recover data. It is convenient, easy to use and very quick.

Download Easeus data recovery to try.


The application the least time among all the applications I have used, both to start, and to scan the computer. You can delete a document and retrieve it within a minute. Literally.

Easy to use.

Easeus data recovery does not require special commands to run.

The folder organization makes it easy to recover your data and the large Icons for each command make it easier to understand each function.


The application is well organized in manner of the procedure to recovering a deleted file, and also in the folder organization. Whereby, you can be able to view your folders in the manner in which they were organized before getting lost. Thereby, making it easy to trace your deleted data and recover it.


And also it is very efficient in recovering data,whereby you will rarely find corrupted data unless it was overwritten.

How to use Ease us data recovery.


  • Ease us data recovery tool.
  • Storage media from which the data is lost.
  • The specific location on which the data was lost.

Ease us data recovery tool

Download Easeus data recovery

Open the program.

Select on the file type you would like to retrieve.

Select file types-Easeus data recovery

Select the partition from which the data was lost. This can range from an unallocated space to a hard disk as a whole.

Select the partition-Easeus data recovery

Scan for the lost data.

Scan for data.=Easeus data recovery

If the scan does not find the data you require, scan for the data using the deep scan mode.

Buy the application and get the advantage plus


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