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Retrieve data from previous windows installation|find and recover your old windows data.

Are trying to re-install windows on your PC? Maybe due to some minor or major problems you are facing using your PC currently, or perhaps you just want a new windows version to refresh your PC?

Installing windows is never that challenging. For most frequent computer users, this should be a basic computer knowledge.

Installing windows is fascinating, however most people do not do it often due to the fear of losing their data.

True, after a new windows installation, the computer returns to the factory-mode state in which it was bought: No updated drivers, no downloaded software, and some documents may be lost if the user is not careful.

However, while you are installing windows, user is usually prompted to retain data from the previous windows files in-order for it not to be lost completely. Once agreed, the computer stores the data in a specific folder on the user’s computer.

Keep previous data on your hard dsik- retrieve previous windows data on your PC.

If the user declines, due to lack of space or accidentally, the data is deleted from the computer then windows is installed on the partition.

This is applicable to all windows versions, Windows 7, 8, and 10.

Today, I am going to teach you how to retrieve the data from the previous windows installation folder, and clean up your PC off unnecessary files.

Retrieving previous windows data.

(Part 1 of 2.) Retrieving data that has not been deleted.

Retrieve data from previous installation-windows old folder

If you accepted to retain the data on previous windows to the new windows installation, the data will be located on the Windows old folder.

Please note: Apart from windows 8.1, and 10, when a user accepts to retain the data on their previous windows the programs will not be installed into the installation folders, otherwise you will have to install your programs again.

If you are using windows 7, you might have to reinstall your software files all over again using software setups in order to recover the data fully.

Therefore, it is wise to learn know how to store data safely on your PC just in case of such dilemmas. In my advice learn to keep all your programs backed up in an external hard disk and you can always re-install the applications again.

For documents (music, video, folders, and readable documents), you will not have to look for the data all over again.

However, like I said, it is advisable to store documents on another hard disk partition in order to reduce the risk of losing such data, in case of such events as windows crash or a new windows installation.

A guide through the recovering process for pictures, music, documents and videos files.

  1. Click the windows key and open my computer.

Windows key

Alternatively, you could just type “computer” at the navigation panel and click enter.

  1. Navigate to the local disk(C :), in your case, open the default installation partition in which you installed your windows files.
  2. Navigate to the windows old folder.

Retrieve data from previous installation-windows old folder

In some cases, you may need to open as an administrator to view the folder.

  1. Choose the user account in your previous windows.

Retrieve old windows files-users folder.

Choose the account name you were using on the previous windows installation.

  1. Select the folders from which your data was located.

Press the ctrl key and select the folder on which your data was located one by one.

If your files were located in the Desktop, you can open the desktop folder and copy them from there.

It applies for the rest of the folders, also. Downloads, documents, and so on.

  1. Move your data to a folder in the new windows installation.

Move your data to the right partition.

Whether on the desktop or the documents folder.

Remove the files previous windows folder without tampering with new windows files. I prefer you do not just delete the folder. Delete previous windows files using Clean-up utility, pre-installed on your windows.

Downloading the application is easy and very fast.

However, if you would like to retrieve an enormous amount of data you lost I advice you to buy the application and retrieve unlimited amount of data.

You can also download the trial version see if it is worth buying the premium version.

(Part 2 of 2.) Retrieving deleted previous windows data.

For those who deleted previous windows files, either by mistake or possibly the space available on your PC could not have been enough to install a windows OS on.

Easeus data recovery is the recovery tool I am going to use today to guide you through the process

Procedure to retrieving deleted data from previous installation.

  1. Download a data recovery software, after installing windows on your PC.
  2. Install the application.
  3. Open the application and enable deep scan.
  4. Scan your computer for deleted files.
  5. Retrieve your documents.
1.      Downloading a data recovery software.

How to recover your data using Easeus data recovery tool

A data recovery software, is a software meant to recover deleted data on a hard disk, removable media, IPad, and other storage devices.

When you delete a data archive from your computer, it is not “banned from existence.” The location is instead pronounced empty however there is a data archive on the location.

In other words: Let me give you analogy.

Say, you are employed in a company.

If you are fired from your desk, you are not removed from the desk, you stay at the desk as a ghost. However, you cannot play any part in your company, and people cannot also see you. In which case if you are scanned for, you can be found and retrieved.

However, if another person is employed in your company and assigned to your desk, you will be lost forever.

In this case, you wanted to install windows data on your hard disk however you accidentally deleted the data from your PC. The data on the previous windows files will be located in the hard disk. However, you will have to scan using a recovery software to retrieve your data.

Hoping that the windows files have not overwritten the files, in which case some may prove hard to retrieve.

2.      Install the application.

Installing the application does not involve much since most files are compressed as .exe files.

3.      Running the application.

Select file types-Easeus data recovery

Remember to read the instructions while running the application. Do not just click on any key without being certain of what the button entails.

The key issue here, is to check on the button to enable deep scan. This will help recover files that were permanently deleted.

You can also learn how to recover your data using Easeus data recovery tool

4.      Retrieve your files

After scanning the computer, you will be able to view the files as they were arranged in your previous windows installation.


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