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Easeus data recovery wizard review| Retrieve your data in an organized folder manner.

Ease us data recovery wizard is a tool developed by CHENGDU YIWO tech development .co. ltd. It is very efficient for retrieving data on your computer, as well as organizing the data in folder form.

I for one has been using this software for about a year now since my previous hard disk decided to confiscate itself (kidding. It actually ruined due to my carelessness and lack of proper maintenance.)

When my hard disk corrupted, I used this software to retrieve my data which had been I had deleted trying to rescue the hard disk all in vain.

The software does not have any other major functions apart from data recovery. However, on the one function that it plays, it is very efficient.

After a hard disk, or partition scan, the software is able to display the folders on your computer aligned in the form in which they were making it easy to retrieve them. This is a quality I haven’t found in the rest of the software.

Hint:learn how to use this tool to recover your data.

See, the advantage of this kind of organization is that, you can even be able to recover program files. Due program and game files are not of the same file format, they cannot be classified in any category.

Therefore, if a recovery software can be able to organize the folders appropriately, you can even be able to recover game files and program files.

However, for better folder organization recovery, I prefer the recovery of a full partition recovery. All you have to do is to delete the existing partition, then scan for a partition on the space using a partition recovery software (Easeus partition master,) and recover your previous partition organization.

Requirements for installing this software.

  • A computer processor of at least at least with x86.
  • RAM of at least 128 MB.
  • minimum Disk space of about  32 MB.

The software is supported by all windows version including: Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista….

Uses for this software.

Deleted data recovery.

data recovery

A folder, picture, music, document, and video files are very easy to delete, either by accident or on purpose. After a file is deleted it may be very easy to retrieve if you have the right tools.

A file recovery only involves scanning for the deleted files inside the partition in which it was deleted, then recovery of the files.

However, if the files are not found you can always deep scan the hard disk and a further more precise scan is taken into the partition with which data deleted a while back may also be retrievable.

Previous folder organization.

Previous folder organisation-Easeus data recovery wizard review

After a deep scan into the computer, you can be able to view (on the left side bar) a column of folders and the state of a folder in the previous partition format.

You can click on the specific folder you would like to recover by expanding the folder icons found by the software.

After selecting the specific folder you can recover your previous folder organization and replace the existing.

Previous partition organization.

Previous partitiobn organisation-Easeus data recovery wizard review

After a deep, or a normal scan, you can be able to view a previous partition format and retrieve the folders in it. If you are using the premium version, you can be able to recover the whole partition, as a folder.

However, you cannot be able to retrieve the partition itself. You can only save the folders or the partition as a folder named “Partition.”

If you really would like to retrieve the previous partition as a whole, I would strongly recommend downloading Easeus partition master.

Retrieve data from an unallocated space.

Unallocated space-easeus data recovery wizard review

It is actually a great idea to delete a partition for which its data is lost in order for you not to overwrite on the data by placing data on the partition.

Using Easeus data recovery you can also be able to scan for data on an unallocated space and save it on another hard disk partition or an external hard disk.

Downloading the software.

Buying this software will allow you to recover an unlimited amount of data at an unlimited time diversity.

Buy Easeus data recovery wizard here.

However, you can always  try and see the potential of the software before you buy.

Download Easeus data recovery wizard trial version here.


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