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How to install windows on your PC:directly and using BIOS.

Installing windows on a PC is quite an enjoyable activity. Most people however, take their computers to technicians to have windows installed for them; not because they prefer so, but because they don’t know how to.

Windows installations is a very easy task, you may even be surprised. The user is involved in very little activities such as selecting the hard disk partition and agreeing to terms and conditions. However, the installation process may take some time to finish.

Therefore, taking a computer to a technician can be compared to paying them for very little activities.

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However, people are usually nervous in making choices in matters they have not yet dealt in. This may lead them to seeking council from computer technicians. Therefore, I find it normal when people ask me general questions while installing windows on their PC. But make sure you do not get over-charged for such services.

The process of installing windows on your PC involves a lot (not for the user, but for the computer processor.) Therefore, there are some problems that may occur within the installation process.

However, this is not an issue that should raise concern. Problems only occur at the beginning or at the end of the installation process.

Problems that may occur during a windows installation.

Unsupported partition format style.

If you have formatted your hard disk into the GTP partition format style. You may be forced to first change the partition format style to MBR then install windows.

Learn the difference between GPT and MBR partition styles now!

Corrupt installation files.

If you sourced your windows from corrupted computer, some files may be missing or corrupted. Also creating a bootable disk using a weak software may cause the same predicament. In this case, you therefore have to find another Windows OS to install and do away with the one you currently own.

Unfit drivers for devices

Most old computers ave a problem with their graphics card drivers. Some are overworked, while for some it may be impossible to find the fitting graphics driver.

In the situations where the drivers disagree with the computer, windows installation may fail to continue the installation process and will simultaneously restart failing at the same point over and over again.

Sudden power surge.

After a sudden power surge windows cannot continue the installation process. A user would have to restart the installation process all over again.

Therefore it is always a wise to ensure that the power is sufficient, and d not unplug power, nor the battery during the installation process.

Installing windows

In order for you to install windows I would strongly advice you to make sure that you have several hard disk partitions on your hard drive. This will ensure store your data properly and in an organized manner on your computer.

Learn how to create a hard disk partition on your hard disk before you install your windows.

There are two ways in which a windows can be installed:

  • By booting using the windows CD.
  • And installing windows directly from a setup file.

Installing windows directly.

This is the easiest method to install windows. All you require is the windows installation files, whether on a disk or copied inside the computer.


Open the windows installation files and click the setup.exe.

Click install.

Installing windows on your PC- install

Agree to the terms and conditions.

If you want to clean install your windows, select a custom install. However if you want to install to upgrade to another windows version, select upgrade.

How to Install windows-Upgrade or custom install.

Select the partition for which to install windows.

How to install windows-Select a partition.

Wait for the installation process to terminate.

Booting using windows CD.

Insert the bootable media in your PC

Power off your PC.

Start the PC and immediately press F9 on your keyboard randomly until BIOS screen appears to change default boot media.

How to install windows-change boot order

Select the bootable media and start the PC.

Install windows.


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