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How to create a partition on a hard disk| 2 simple methods of 2017.

Storing information on one partition is not only risky, but it also leads to clumsy organization of your work.

Most people find it hard to partition (divide into segments) their hard disk, and therefore store their data on the same location as the windows installation. This is very risky: in case of a computer crash it might be hard for you to recover your data.

The windows partition (C :) is a very “active partition.” Software store and manipulate data stored on this Partition. This usually leads to disorganization of your work.

As software write data on your computer, some may create new folders on location which you have stored your data, and while some folder name may merge, for example “New folder” (most software create new folders named “New folder” by default. Therefore if you have a folder by name new folder in the libraries…), some of the software may write data on the location for which you may have stored other types of data.

It may become clumsy and hard to find the written data, or even worse your data.

Risks involved in storage of data on one partition.

Other effects of storing all your data in one partition.

How to create a partition on a hard disk.

Part1 of 2. Create a new partition using Ease us partition master.

Ease us partition master is an easy to use tool to help users manage their hard disk. This includes, cleaning the hard disk, creating and deleting partitions…etc.

To create a new partition on a hard disk using Easeus partition master, you must first have an unallocated space available.

right click on the partition you would like to shrink and edit its size to the size you would like it to be, then shrink the partition.)

  • Create a partition from the unallocated space available.

Part 2 of 2. Create a new partition using Computer management.

  • Open the computer management tool

computer management tool

  • Open the storage and disk management.
  • Shrink the partition for which you would like to reduce the size (After the partition is shrunk, an unallocated space will be available.)

Select the partition to shrink and create a partition.

  • Select on the unallocated space on the hard disk.
  • Create a new hard disk partition




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