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Factors to consider before making a windows installation|4 issues that may affect your installation process

Windows installations is quite an enjoyable activity. In fact, those who are used to installing other versions of OS, like LINUX for example, prefer a more detailed windows installation (Installation of Windows using a Boot able Media.)

However, it is always wise for a computer user to consider some facts before installing windows on their PC. Lack of proper caution during a windows OS installation might lead to loss of data and even computer failure.

Installing windows on a hard disk lacking enough disk space will cause the OS to format the drive partition to free up some space in order for the installation to be successful. This could lead to loss of data, which might be hard to retrieve.

Factors to consider while installing windows on your PC.

  1. product activation.
  2. Availability on disk space.
  3. State of computer.
  4. Other options available to solve the same problem.

1.      Product activation.

The first factor that could interrupt your windows installation is a non-activated windows version.

Windows setup requests the activation key before the installation process begins, this might help the user avoid half installation of windows. However, if the installation process was meant to rescue a crashed windows, then the user may be under stress and may not know how to solve the problem.

Activating windows

Most online key generators are scam, therefore the only way to find a genuine key is to:

  • Either buy a new Windows OS setup,
  • Or take your computer to a certified computer technician for a new windows re-installation.

Purchasing a windows OS activation Key.

In order to purchase a new windows online, you can either buy the product from Microsoft, or you can purchase the product from other online platforms like Amazon.

2.      Availability on disk space.

Installing windows on a hard disk of the recommended space only.

Installing windows on an inadequate hard disk space

There are people who buy and partition their hard disks with a space of the required minimum for windows installation. This is a terrible mistake. You cannot install windows on a hard disk or a partition of 30 GB space.

  • Lack of enough space.

This kind of installation is only applicable if the user has another disk for installing other software. This is because there will be no more available space to install any other software.

Windows is a platform for using other software. Therefore, if windows is the only software fit to be installed on a disk, then the user cannot run any software on the PC.

  • The computer cannot be optimized to its full speed, otherwise it will be slow and freezing often.

Windows OS uses the hard disk space to write temporally data which is used to run the software you open. If you are playing a game for example, you require to use most of the Ram and internal space with the temporary data written by the software. If the disk space is little, the data will take long to be written and read therefore, the application will keep on freezing every now and then.

Installing windows on a hard disk without enough free space.

While installing windows on a computer the user needs to ensure that the hard disk space on the hard disk is enough.

The minimum free hard disk space required to install the windows is 16 GB, however it is wise to ensure that the space available is 30 GB and above. There may be other files that may need to be installed in order for the computer to run swiftly (For example drivers, .NETFX and DirectX applications.

However, windows does not install unless the space available is enough, the user is then advised to format the disk to continue.

If your computer had crashed prior to the installation however, you will then be forced to format your hard disk before you continue, this will cause you to lose your data.


The user must format the hard disk, or the partition for windows installation.

If you had not partitioned your hard disk prior, you need to format your hard disk, then partition the disk before you can continue with the windows installation. After the windows installation I can then show you how to retrieve your data using this software.

3.      State of the computer (Upgrade/reinstallation or clean installation/ repair.)

If you are upgrading your computer, or possibly reinstalling your windows on a computer already installed with windows OS, then you can easily install your windows by simply running the setup file.

Is this the problem you are facingBootmgr is missing

Operating system is missingor is this the problem.

However if your computer is crashed or new without any OS installed, you need to consider installing the windows using a bootable media.

How to install windows using a bootable media.
  • Create a bootable disk of the Windows OS using another computer.
  • Install the bootable media on the computer then shut down the computer.
  • Start the computer and simultaneously click on the function key F9.
  • When the BIOS blue screen appears, select the computer to boot using the bootable media.
  • Install your Windows.

4.      Other options available to solve a problem.

There is no need for a complete windows installation if the computer can be fixed using other means.

If your computer has crashed for example, please consider taking the steps above first:

  • Try the startup repair on your computer. Probably the problem can be fixed using a system restore.
  • If the process above does not solve your computer problem, then you should consider a windows installation.
  • However, if the problems still persist, you should consider the cause to be hardware based.

Otherwise, do not just install windows on your PC unless you have to.

Compelling reasons to reinstall your windows.

Here are some reasons that can compel you to reinstall your windows.

  • Windows failure to repair even after a windows reinstallation.
  • Corrupt windows files during boot up.
  • A formatted hard disk.
  • New hard disk installation.
  • A new computer.
  • Removing a virus from your computer.
  • Messed up registry data.


Windows installation may be a small activity, however it plays a huge part in computers. It is very important to consider all the facts that might affect your windows installation before and after the windows installation.

Make sure you do not start a process only to be stopped before the process is complete, or regret after the installation.


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