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Windows cannot be installed on a GPT partition style|How to convert hard disk partitioning from GPT to MBR.

Windows installation is a simple but crucial process in computer use. However, while installing windows user may encounter some failures due to several inconveniences.

In this case, we are going to talk about a windows installation error due to partition style error.

This is the error due to incorrect partition style; GPT partition style.

What are partition styles?

There are two partition styles in hard disk formatting. There is the common and most used MBR partition style, and there is the partition style in question which is the GPT partition style.

The MBR partition style (otherwise called the simple partition style) is the partition in which windows agrees to install on. While the GPT partition style (otherwise called the dynamic partition style) is the partition on which windows refuses to install on.

In this case therefore, your windows installation fails to install because the hard disk is formatted in the GPT partition style.

Windows cannot install on a hard disk partition using GPT partition style


There are only two scenarios in which you may have formatted your hard disk into GPT partition format.

  • You may have converted your disk to dynamic using the computer management
  • You may have created your hard disk partition using the dynamic style format

It is very unlikely for any user to notice the difference between the two partition styles while using your computer, it is the reason therefore why most users find out that there hard disk was partitioned in GPT partition style while installing their windows.

If you had not installed windows on the hard disk before, you can jump directly to converting your disk to MBR. However, if you have system files installed on your computer, it should be impossible to convert the disk unless you wipe all the data to be able to convert it.

Please ensure that you do not format your hard disk, otherwise your data will be lost forever.

How to convert a hard disk partition from MBR to GPT.

1.      Clean your hard disk.

You can opt to first copy your data from the existing internal hard disk to an external hard disk, to salvage to salvage your data from getting lost.

If you do not have an external or backup data storage device, you can as well jump to the procedure, you will be able to retrieve your data afterwards if you follow my procedure strictly.

Procedure to cleaning up your hard disk using Disk clean (please ensure you do not format your hard disk, otherwise your data will be irretrievable.


Repair your computer during windows installation

  • Ensure that the bootable installation media is plugged in and restart your computer.
  • Ensure to boot the computer using the bootable media you just plugged into your computer.
  • When the blue windows installation screen appears, do not press the install button and instead click on the repair windows  button.
  • A screen will appear prompting you several options to choose from. Open the command prompt.
  • Write the command, DISKPART in one word. This will open the disk partition commands platform.
  • Enter the command SELECT DISK 0. This should highlight the disk in question and you can perform any command on the disk.
  • Enter the command This will wipe the data records on your hard disk, whereby the hard disk will seem empty however it is not.

2.      Convert the disk back to MBR partition style.

Windows cannot convert the disk from GPT to MBR if the disk contains some system files installed. Therefore, it was essential to make the hard disk seem empty. I will then show you how to retrieve your data once the process is complete.

Continue with the procedure.

  • Enter the command, CONVERT MBR. Since you had selected the disk, there will be no use for selecting it again. And the command should run by default on the selected hard disk.

3.      Create a new partition on your hard disk.

In order to be able to salvage your data effectively, we must ensure that you do not overwrite on the existing data. Therefore, we must put a limit to the amount of space the windows data will use, in order to put a limit to the amount of data overwritten.

You have to estimate the amount of free space on the hard disk before performing the disk clean. Create a new partition with a minimum size of 30 GB, however, if your hard disk contained a large amount of free space I would recommend you create a partition of 70 GB.

Continue with procedure.

  • A new partition will be created and formatted quickly.

4.      Install your windows.

  • Restart the computer, and boot using the bootable device.
  • When the blue windows installation screen appears, click on the install button and install your windows on the partition we created.

This should be the only partition on your hard disk, and your data will seemingly not be present on your hard disk.

Therefore, after you have finished installing your data do not create any other partition on your hard disk to prevent data loss.

5.      Recover your previous data on the hard disk.



  • After downloading the software, install and run the software.
  • Select the disk and left click on it.
  • Select the partition recovery wizard and another wizard will appear.
  • Select the unallocated space on which you would like the partition to be stored on.
  • Retrieve your lost partition.

You can also use a recovery software to recover and restore your data to another hard drive, however, the first process is safer to protect your data.


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