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Avast antivirus software review | protect your computer from all kinds of threats.

An antivirus is the key software on any computer. Without a stable antivirus on a computer, the computer is as good as naked, and it would be susceptible to not only virus attacks, but also to internet interference, as well as malware software corrupting and overrunning the computer.

Therefore to protect your computer from malware from all sources: The internet, other computers, and also from attacks from malicious servers, you would be required to find and download a strong antivirus software.

However, in order for all these features to be available to your computer, you have to install a stable antivirus. An antivirus updated with the capabilities to do away with all threats to your computer effectively, an antivirus like Avast computer antivirus.

Avast computer virus is a software designed to prevent your computer from network, internet, virus, and malware attacks. It is reliable and very easy to use. In fact, most users who come to use this software do not turn back on any other software.antivirus

Among all its features, the antivirus has the ability do away with all malware software and viruses with potential damage to a computer. It is quick to react once a malware is inserted into the computer. It then moves the data from the devices to its chest without interrupting, or corrupting any other data on the computer.

Therefore the user does not have to keep scanning and deleting data on their computer on a daily basis, sine the antivirus deals with the problem causes once and for all.

The antivirus is also easy to use, allowing the user to take control of the operations performed on their computer. The user can perform quick scan on the computer, without interfering with the computer use for the user, nor the speed of the computer.


The antivirus is compatible with all windows versions, and can easily be downloaded, installed and run. In fact, the application installs in the background allowing the user to continue using their computer.

The application can be installed on the following windows versions:

Features and advantages of using the application.

Smart scan

The antivirus has the ability to scan for viruses, browser add-on malwares, outdated software, network threats, and performance issues all at the same time. Thereby giving the user the ability to repair their computer off all these problems once and for all.

Although some problems may require internet to be solved, the software is then able to optimize and protect the computer, allowing the user to continue using their computer safely.

Password manager

The antivirus also gives the user the ability to manage their internet pages passwords. By adding a website to the scan list, you can therefore allow the antivirus to manage all the passwords on your website account, while the antivirus keeps your real password hidden.

And therefore, you will be using one password for all your websites. This also is useful in case the user forgets a website password.

Rescue disk

You can create a system rescue disk with all the latest virus definitions to repair an infected computer.

Secure-line VPN

Ensure that you log in to a safe internet server. This feature allows the user to be aware of malicious internet servers rejects all malicious or potentially dangerous servers.


Using this tool, you can be able to run malicious, or potentially dangerous applications in this tool, therefore the user can be able to minimize the damage caused by a malicious program.

However, this feature is only available for premium account.


This tool protects the user’s computer form attacks from anonymous hackers and servers. It limits the connections allowed into your computer, and blocks malicious, or potentially dangerous website servers/users.

However, this tool as well is only available in premium account.

Amazing facts about Avast

Easy to use.

The application is developed in an easy-to-use platform which enables the user to find the features available easily and quickly.

Compatible with many devices.

The application can be installed on many devices.

  • Android
  • Mac OS.
  • Windows OS.
  • And IPhone.

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  1. Avast antivirus software review | protect your computer from all kinds of threats. – Troubleshootandfix Comp Protect Your Pc! Now you can run your system in a virtual environment with no change to your real environment. If you experience malicious activities, perform a reboot to restore your system back!


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