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How to repair a computer using windows installation disk | 4 methods to revive a computer crash

After a windows crash, windows normally recommends users to insert an installation disk to repair their computer. However, the process for repairing a computer involves more than just plugging in a windows installation disk into a crashed computer.

Repair your computer using a windows installationn disk

Do you really know how to repair your computer using a boot-able installation disk?

Plugging in an installation disk into your computer does not necessarily make your problem will disappear. After you install the disk into your computer, you have troubleshoot your computer, and fix your problem.

For your information, if your computer hardware is not damaged, a windows installation disk is the best way for you, or a technician to repair your computer. And they can only be able to do so using the below four ways only.

Repairing a computer using a Windows installation disk.

There are several problems that occur on a computer that force the user to find an installation disk to repair. Otherwise, it would prove impossible to repair the computer.

Her are several problems that can force you to find an installation disk in order for you to repair them:

Therefore, the user would have to troubleshoot and fix their computer problems using the appropriate method, which proves safe and efficient. There are several ways to repair a computer using the installation disk,

  1. Using the system restore.
  2. Using the startup repair tool.
  3. Using the command prompt.
  4. A complete windows re-installation.

1.      Using the system restore.

There are two ways in which you can restore your computer using the system restore tool.

  • You can restore your computer to previous state, recorded in your computer. It is less likely for a computer to find a restore point in your computer since you are using an installation disk, which might not have access to your registry data.
  • Therefore you can restore your computer to a previous state you had backed up on an external drive. In this case, if your installation media is a disk, then you should opt coping your backup to a removable media.

Create a data back up using this software.

How to open the system restore point after installing your installation disk.

  • Once you install your removable media into your computer, restart the computer and press the function key F9, in order to select the media to boot with.
  • Navigate to the installation media, (The device should be named, if it was labelled, or just categorized by its type and model, for example disk, Removable media…etc.) and select the bootable installation media to boot with. If your installation media is not bootable, please make sure to make it bootable.
  • When the blue installation screen appears, select the option repair your computer.
  • Install the backup media, and select the recovery tool to restore your computer back to that state of computer.

2.      Using the startup repair wizard.

Repair your computer using the startup repair

When you open the option to repair your computer, the first option that appears is the startup repair tool.

Sometimes, it is a very efficient process and your computer is repaired in no time. It scans for the problems, and tries some repairs, and if it recognizes a system restore as a solution, it should be able to perform the process for you instead.

I would therefore strongly recommend the use of this wizard as a trial to repair your computer.

3.      Using the command prompt.

Repair your computer using the Command prompt

The command prompt option is also found when you enter the option to repair your computer in the blue windows installation screen.

There are several means at which you can repair your computer using the command prompt.

4.      A complete windows installation.

Factors to consider before making a Windows installation

However, if all the options fail to work, and you are absolute sure that your computer has no fault in it, you should consider reinstalling your windows.

Do not be afraid of losing your data, there are several ways at which you can restore your data on your computer hard disk.


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