Computer assembly · Hardware problems

How to assemble a computer from scratch| problem occurring during computer assembly.

When you purchase a desktop computer, it is only clear of the minor essential requirements for which you cannot do without after you get home.

Devices required for assembling a computer are very essential. They might not be many, however, if you miss one the computer may not work appropriately.

These are the main devices required for assembling a computer:

  • The monitor. You can purchase a TV, for easy multitasking using TV and a desktop computer whenever it is appropriate for you.
  • The CPU.
  • A mouse, and a Keyboard.
  • Sound system.
  • Power cable are some of the parts that people tend to forget.
  • VGA/HDMI display cable.
  • A boot-able windows installation disk/media.

N/B -Before you purchase any device, make sure to receive a warranty, of over a period of a year to ensure that your device was not damaged before the purchase.

There are also two other factor to consider while purchasing a computer. In fact there are many factors to consider while purchasing a computer, however I will stick to two:

  1. Where to keep the computer. Do not purchase a computer then lack a proper place to keep it in your room.
  2. The size of the computer. Buy a computer that can fit on your table and allow you to have adequate free space. Therefore you can avoid accidents and other damages.

Here read how to place your computer in your workstation.

How to assemble a desktop computer together.

When you purchase a desktop computer, make sure that you have each and every device on the above list.

  • Plug in the power cable to the computer. Connect it to the main power supply and check if your computer light up. If it does unplug the cable from the main power supply.
  • Connect both the power cable and the desktop monitor to power. Make sure to switch of the main switch before you plug in the power cable to ensure your safety. And if the power cable poses and fault, like an electric spark, unplug the computer from the power immediately.Power on the CPU and the Monitor.

    Plug in the power cable to your computer.
  • Plug in the VGA/HDMI display cable safely into the desktop monitor, or your TV.
    User needs a vga cable
    Buy a VGA display cable.

    Insert the vga cable into your computer
    Insert the VGA display cable into the computer and monitor.
  • Plug in your USB/ wireless keyboard and the mouse.
  • If you have not installed your OS, plug in the installation media, and press Ctrl + Alt + Del to restart the computer and boot using the installation media and install your windows.Repair your computer during windows installation

Problems that may occur during computer assembly.

1.      CPU failure.

A CPU failure, is a problem that cannot be identified from the outside appearance. You can only be able to identify that your computer has a problem while installing your OS, or while using the computer.

Here are some problems that occur on the CPU that may cause disturbance during installation.

Graphics card error.

Some desktops crash every time you install an updated graphics driver, these problems are so common on desktop computers. Therefore if you detect any such problem, ensure to take the computer back to the seller and claim a better device.

Lack of display, and beep sound.

If you hear a beep sound during start up, while your computer monitor does not show any display, probably you graphics card is not installed.

If such a problem occurs take your computer to a technician to have your internal devices looked into carefully.

Inability for computer to be installed windows 7 and above.

Some computers refuse to install any other windows version other than windows XP and lower versions.

IF you find such a computer make sure to return the computer to the seller and have it replaced, otherwise the computer will disrupt you forever.

2.      Broken power, VGA, and USB cables.

This is one failure that causes the devices to fail and may cause you to fail to assemble your computer in time.

You should always ensure that you have the devices tested before you buy.

3.      Corrupt windows installation files.

Ensure to test the installation media o another computer before you purchase, or after creating the bootable media.


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