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How to convert an internal hard disk to external | Save your data on a broken computer

Having an extra hard disk is a great privilege and an honor you have to claim. With an extra hard disk you can be able to do a lot of extra work.

For instance:

  • Data backup.
  • Data and partition recovery
  • Portability of data…etc

It is also rare for a person to lose data if they have an external hard disk.

By-the-way, did you know that you can create an external hard drive off your existing internal hard drive from a damaged computer?

Yes, when you purchase a new computer or internal hard disk, the next question many people ask themselves is; What happens to the existing hard disk data, can I continue using the same hard disk on a new computer?

When computers are damaged,  you should not dump the whole computer without efforts to salvage your data. Mostly in this kind of situations the internal devices are never affected. Therefore it might be likely for your hard disk and data to be retrievable.

There are several problems that may cir-cum in your computer that may not affect the data in your hard disk. When these problems occur, the user can easily remove their hard disk from their computer and continue using their data.

Here is what to do to salvage your data when your hard disk is damaged.

Here are some of the computer problems that cannot affect your hard disk:

  • Windows crash.
  • Power cords problems.
  • Display monitor problems.
  • Power button problems.
  • Graphics card problems.
  • Processor problems.
  • Memory RAM slots errors.
  • Keyboard problems.
  • Internal circuits damage.

If you purchase a new computer to replace the old broken one, there is absolute no need to remove the hard disk to plug in your previous hard disk. Unless of course the internal hard disk is smaller than the old computer hard disk. You should therefore continue using the internal hard disk, and use the old computer as an external hard disk, and vice versa.

However if you cannot transfer windows from one computer to another, your windows installation is not configured to be used in the new computer unless it is of the same model.

If you would like to install windows on your external hard disk however, you can learn the full process here.

How to make an internal hard disk external.

In order to convert your internal hard disk to external you will need to purchase an enclosure. For your own safety purchase a shock free enclosure to avoid damage in case of falling.

Please consider your own safety while performing these tasks.

Here are the few things you will require to in this process.

  • A screw driver.
  • An enclosure
  • The old/ damaged computer to unplug the hard disk

Unplugging your hard disk from your computer.


  • Find and remove the bottom casing screws. If your computer is made with two bottom covers, you need to remove the cover protecting the RAM in order to find the screws for the cover protecting the hard disk.remove the hard disk from computer
  • Remove the screws holing the hard disk in place.
  • Remove the hard disk, and put back the covers to protect the computer from further damage.

Plugging the hard disk onto the USB extension cord.

  • Remove thPlug in the hard disk onto an extension codee screws from the hard disk.
  • Plug in the hard disk into the USB extension cord.
  • Place the hard disk into the protective casing on the hard disk and screw it in.

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