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How to place computer on a table/room, or workplace. | safety computer maintenance.

This is a question that bothers many people after a computer (desktop/ laptop) purchase in their homes. This question is however mainly motivated by other major factor like:

  • Does my computer have adequate aeration to prevent overheating and dust?
  • How do I placement my computer safe from falling and slipping?
  • Should I hide my CPU under the desk, to add more space on my desk?

Indeed, these are very essential factors that one should look into . Failure to which the user may find themselves incurring heavy salaries on technicians and new machinery to have their computers fixed.

If your computer  is larger than your work station, you you should consider purchasing a new table. Here are some factors to consider while purchasing a computer.

Many are whom neglect the need for the safety measures in the context of these questions, until they are forced to purchase new hardware due to accidents resulting form lack of proper computer placement.

Risks involved in wrong computer placement.

1.      Overheating due to lack of proper aeration.

Computer overheating

This is one of the most common effects.

A laptop, for instance, has several aeration points at the base. If it is placed on a blanket, a dusty sheet, or on the floor, the computer slowly start to overheat due to lack of proper aeration. This may affect the computer severally as the user may start to experience slow response in the computer and sometimes freezing of the computer screen.

While a desktop computer tends to overheat and make lots of noise when placed on the floor, or in an air lock space.

How to place your computers to allow proper aeration.

Laptops come preinstalled with some small stands for which the laptops supposed to stand on a little distance above the top of the table. However, these stands are never enough to allow the computer to aerate properly.

Here is what to do to allow computer and laptop proper aeration:

  • Make sure you place your laptop on a relatively thin table, or on another holding about 4cms from the surface of the table. This should prevent the laptop from sucking in all the dust that settles on large tables and also allow the aeration spaces to be free for proper air flow.
  • A desktop computer is modified, with its aeration points higher than the base point. Therefore you can place the desktop computer on the desk without fear of lack of proper aeration.
  • However, do not place your desktop in a cabinet, or on the floor for you to be stepping on it, or under the desk unless your desk is properly aerated and with lots of free space.

2.      Falling of the computer.

Most people have instincts for the correct placement of computers to avoid dropping them. In fact this is the prior caution that users take. Placing their computers on a stable ground to avoid damages.

  • Place your computer on a stable table, avoid shaky tables.
  • Keep your desktop far from the reach of the kids. As much as you may want your kids to become digital, they do not understand how to handle computers until they are about the age of 5 and above, therefore placing computers closer to their reach can cause damage, as well as electric shock.

3.      Spillage of a drink or liquid on the computer.

Drink spill on a computer

This is the most common problem that many users face. A drink spills on your laptop while you were opening it…etc.

When a drink spills on a laptop, keyboards are the only devices that tend to become damaged. Unless the drink was in abundant, there is o much damage that can cir-cum a spilled-on laptop.

However, if a drink is spilled in a CPU computer, the damage can only be reduced by shutting of the main power switch immediately, otherwise the computer would definitely fry some circuits.

To avoid spilling a drink on your computer please ensure:

  • Do not use your computer on your dining table.
  • Do not rave, or party with you laptop on the floor. An aspect many people forget.

4.      For the users safety.

Dangers exposed to a user using a computer

In electric circuits and installment, the user’s safety carries the top most priority. While irresponsibly using your computer, you expose yourself to serious electric shock as well as damage to the computer.

To avoid electric shock:

  • Do not handle metallic objects on your computer using wet hands or with wet feet.
  • Do not handle the electric cables with wet hands or while your feet are wet.
  • Do not break your chargers, if your charger is broken make sure to purchase a new one immediately.

Also, learn some safety measures while repairing your computer.



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