Slow computer · Software problems

How to diagnose and hasten a slow computer| causes of slow computer problem

When you purchase a computer, or install a new OS on your computer, the computer is meant to be running at its optimum speed.

This is because, computer processors can be able to operate the few number of processes given by the few applications running at the time per second.

However, after you install applications (like web browsers, and word processors), and enable some features on your computer (e.g. graphics drivers), the PC starts to run slower and slower. And sometimes depending on how many applications you are running the computer will tend to be very slow, and even freeze at some point.

Here are some factors to consider while purchasing a computer

Therefore to maintain the computers running speed, the user must ensure that the only processes on the computer are necessary, and if not they should end the processes. And also make sure that the memory RAM is not overused by the computer.

However, in order to diagnose the computer’s speed issue, the user must first recognize and find (Troubleshoot) the problem cause in order to eliminate the problem.

How to troubleshoot a slow computer.

In order to be able to hasten a slow you must find the causes of the slow computer problem, and diagnose them appropriately.

Overloading software’s.

slow computer
Slow computer.

There are some software that overuse the computer. For example games, and other heavy software.

While some websites are developed with a lot of software which overrun your computer as the browser tries to load on the website.

It is easy to identify a software that is overloading your PC.

How to realize the software overusing your computer.

  • Open the task manager. To open the task manager you can simply type the words command prompt on the windows start menu, or press Ctrl + Shift +Esc.
  • Navigate to processes bar on your task manager.
  • The application for which uses most of your memory is the application you should get rid of.

Graphics properties

watch-3d-movie-on-computerHowever sometimes these software are necessary for the user, like a web browser, and the user cannot therefore be able to do away with them.

If some of these applications are necessary to you, then you have to slow down the computer properties to allow the software to run swiftly.

For instance, my computer keeps freezing every time I run several pages on my browser. However, I cannot change the browser, because I want to continue using it. Therefore for me lowering the graphics properties for me was the best solution.

How to lower graphics properties to increase computer efficiency.

  • Left click on your computer desktop, if you are using windows 7. Select the option to personalize your computer.
  • Scroll down and reconfigure your theme back to the windows basic theme. Your computer will then switch to an odd looking feature, however it should pretty quick now.

Hardware problems.

If your problem persists, then you ought to consider hardware problems emanating from your computer.

There are various hardware devices that may lead to a slow computer:

  1. Memory RAM interface.
  2. Slow processor.
  3. Hard disk problems.
  4. Another slow/ damaged external storage device.

Memory RAM interface.

If your RAM is too small, less than 4 GB, then your computer can be running slow due to overworking. If your use a computer with this properties. I would strongly advice your to install windows 7 basic, since it does not use up a lot of RAM due to less graphics properties.

However, you may also not be able to run heavy graphics software on your computer.

Slow processor.

If your computer processor is slow as well, the same predicament should fall on you as the one with a small sized RAM in their computer. This is because the Memory RAM interface and the processor go hand in hand in making a computer faster.

Hard disk Problems.

A spoiling hard disk should pose some symptoms:

  • The computer is slow to respond, and even freezes if many applications are run at the same time.
  • The computer should overheat.
  • Windows crash often, even I a new windows.
  • Data is easily corrupted when copied into the hard disk.

Therefore if your computer is running slow, and any options to hasten it are failing, you should consider switching the hard disk to test if the other hard disk can be faster.

Damaged/slow external storage device.

There are some removable disks that run at a lower speed than a user is accustomed to. Therefore, while running files on the devices, the computer may run slow reading and writing the file.

Inserting scratched disks into your computer also causes the computer to be slow. And if several corrupt files are trying to open on the disk, the computer should freeze, since it cannot be able to read the files.


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