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CCleaner software review | Speed up your slow computer.

Is your computer running slow often, or taking too long to respond while using it, or during startup? You should download and install CCleaner into your computer, scan, and fix your computer immediately.

CCleaner is a computer optimization tool, which deletes all the non-useful data freeing up your disk space, cache, and also enhances your computer applications response speed. This is achieved by the applications ability to enable the user to scan and find the unnecessary data that clouds their application making the computer slow and delete the data permanently.

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It emulates with windows disk cleaner, however it is more precise, broad and easier to use than windows disk cleaner.


Just like windows disk cleaner, it is compatible with any windows version, and therefore can be downloaded and installed immediately.

However, at times some application versions result return an error when the user tries to install them on windows 10. If this problem occurs on your computer, download the latest version of this software.

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows vista
  • And windows XP, all in 32bit and 64bit OS versions.
  • Also Windows Server 2012, 2008 R2, 2008, and 2003 for advanced and business users.

A version compatible with Mac OS was also released lately;

  • Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard to 10.11 EI Captain OS version all in 64bit editions.

Features of CCleaner.

Using CCleaner you can be able to cleanup your registry problems easily. If you have ever opened up your registry configuration tool, Regedit, you would know that it is a very complicated tool to use. A user would end up corrupting data on the tool, rather than clean it up.

Therefore it is safe for you to use a software, you can trust to cleanup your registry.

CCleaner has the ability to cleanup your registry data in the following categories:

It is able to find missing application drivers, which may have been deleted mistakenly, and also shared drivers-these are the drivers left behind after an application is uninstalled, unused file extensions, wrong or corrupt applications paths, obsolete software, deleting of windows cache, and many more registry problems, thereby cleanup your registry effectively.

CCleaner has more than just the ability to clean up your registry problems, it cleans up all your browser cache, applications temporary files, and dump files, and disk defragmentation. This allows the computer to run at its optimum speed.

Here are more cool features present in CCleaner.

  • Browser and application cleaning

Cleanup temporary files, cookies, history, autocomplete form history, index.dat files, download history, super cookies, and form history on several browsers.

  • Unnecessary program uninstall.

You can be able to uninstall unnecessary applications on your computer to free up disk space, and CPU usage. And just like windows uninstall  program, you can only be able to uninstall one application at a time.

  • Startup software optimization.

Optimize the applications that should run during startup. You can remove applications from the applications that are configured to run at startup.

  • Browser plugin optimization.

The application also gives you the privilege to enable and disable any browser plugin. You and be able to view a non-important browser plugin, and delete it permanently, or just disable it. Also you can enable the disabled add-ins o your browser.

  • Duplicate finder.

It is difficult to find duplicate files on your computer hard disk. However, using this software, you can also be able to scan your hard disk for unnecessary duplicate files, which fill your computer, manually select the files to avoid deleting of important data, and delete the files.

However, make sure that you do not delete application files you are not aware of. You may cause some applications to fail.

  • Drive/partition wiping.

You can also be able to wipe all the data on your internal and external drives, including your partitions.

However, be careful while using this feature.

Benefits of using this application.

  • Easy to use.
  • Small size-easy to download.
  • Safe; contains no malware, and also you cannot lead to harm on your computer, or registry by using this software.

Buy premium version Only 22$


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