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Recuva software review | recover accidentally deleted data immediately

If you have deleted a very important file on your computer and would like to retrieve it immediately, I strongly urge you to download and scan your computer using this software: Recuva data recovery software.

Recuva is a free and easy to use data recovery software for which recovers deleted data immediately. It has the ability to scan data deleted years back on your computer, and as long as the data was not corrupted, or overwritten, you can be able to recover and run your data.

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The software can be categorized as a software meant for recovering accidentally deleted data your computer. It is designed with an easy to use platform which directs the user on how to recover their data on their computer.

It is programmed to pose questions and tutorials to the user in order to help them find the precise data lost quick and easily. For instance:recuva data recovery

  • What sort of files are you trying to recover?
  • Where were the files when they were deleted?
  • It prompts the user with an option to deep scan and explains to the user when to check the button. If the data was not found you can scan using deep scan.

This software is of great service especially to those who do not know how to scan for their data on their computer, and also for those who want a quick reception to recover their data.


The software can be installed on any windows version.

  • Windows 8 | 64bit and 32bit.
  • Windows 7 | 64bit
  • Windows XP | 64bit
  • Windows vista | 64bit.
  • Windows 2008 server | 64bit and 32bit.
  • Windows 2003 server | 64bit and 32bit.

Mostly the software developers recommend installing the application on a 64bit OS version for a faster and more compatible version to your OS.

Features and advantages using of Recuva data recovery tool.

An easy-to-use user interface.

One of the main feature that makes Recuva stand out from other data recovery software is its easy-to-use user interface. Its ability to guide a user through the data recovery process, enabling the user to recover the data they desire efficiently, is a great step-up game plan on their part.

And for this I recommend the software to users who constantly delete their data accidentally. It is a great tool to use to recover your data quick and secure.

Safe and Secure.

The software is free from malware software, and unimportant add-ins that corrupt both your browser and computer. The software is also secure, in that it does not corrupt your data when you perform hard disk scans with it.

You can be able to scan your computer, recover some files and still continue using your computer normally.

Deep scan.

Deep scan is a slower, in-depth computer scan which gives the user the ability to recover data deleted way back, and can even find data that has been deleted for years.


The scanning process takes very little time, and therefore, the user can be able to recover their data in a matter of seconds, and continue with their work.


After a hard disk scan, the user can be able to find their data easily and recover selected data on another drive.

Please ensure to recover data on other drives to avoid overwriting on the existing data.


The software can be used to recover data on several devices: On internal and external hard disks, all removable USB drives, Memory cards, and rewritable disks.

However, Recuva can only be installed on a Windows OS, therefore it is recommended for the user to place the drives they would like to recover their data from on windows OS and recover their data from there.


  • Do not constantly deep scan your hard disk, this may cause a hard disk failure, or damage. I would recommend you to avoid deep scan as much as possible. Perform this only when necessary.
  • Do not recover data on the same drive for which the data was lost, this may cause overwriting of deleted data on the hard drive.
  • Shut down all running applications while performing a hard disks deep scan. Avoid overrunning the hard disks which may therefore cause failure.


Buy this application Only 11$


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