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Easeus todo backup software review | Full OS and drive backup safely.

Chengdu developers have always been a reliable software development company for developing helpful and broad software that are not only do their work, but are also very easy to use.

For me, I will always be grateful to this company for having come to my salvation at a time when my data was completely formatted from my drive.

Using their data recovery tool, I was able to recover my data easily. In fact, I was able to recover my data in the same format it was when before in my hard drive.

I therefore decided to backup my data using their software, which turns out to be very well developed backup data effectively and easily. home-backup-software

Easeus Todo backup tool is the most efficient data backup tool I have come across since I learnt the importance of data backup. It is specifically made for data backup operations only.

Which makes it diverse in the subject, allowing you to backup preferred data, in any preferred format easily. This is the ability that I find most superb about it.

There are several more factors that make it even more appealing to purchase; its marvelous easy to use user interface that makes it easy for you to find your features, cool features such as system clone that allows you to copy your OS quickly in case of HDD failure…etc.


The company targets at developing the product to optimum efficiency. Therefore they constantly update their database, and program programming. This has improved the applications features at large, enabling the users to be able to do more than just backup their data.

These are just some of the updates on application:

  1. You can now be able to check and fix damaged backup data when running the program for the first time.
  2. Backup your Operating system, and migrate it easily using the new system clone.
  3. You can can also be able to clone or restore in between disks with different disk size.
  4. Also, they have improved on their user guide system to help you use your program easily.

Remember: A constant update for your application is always important. This does not in any way affect your subscription. If problems occur you should always contact customer care.

Features and advantages of using this application.

Disk/ partition backup.

This feature allows you to create a data backup for your whole hard disk, or just your hard disk partitions.

You only need to select on the drive/ partition you would like to backup, and select on the location for which you want to create your backup on.

File backup.

This feature allows you to create a data backup plan for your files; specific files. By selecting your files one by one, you can create a data backup in your computer, or on an external device for any file whatsoever.

All you have to do is select the files, folders, music, documents, and even videos you would like to backup then proceed towards selecting the backup location of your preference.

System backup.

A system backup involves copying your Operating System (OS) installed features, and configuration settings. This means copying your OS as it is, including your desktop background and installed applications.

Mine for example reads Windows 7 service pack 1. Backing it up allows me to recover the computer OS as it is including my existing password.

Mail backup.

This feature allows you to be able to backup all your Email and online account data. During which you can set a backup plan and schedule for the program to be automatically backing up your data every now and then.

Hard disk and partition clone.

This feature enables you to copy all the data on a hard disk, or partition to another. The application is able to copy data from one sector to another. This gives it the ability to copy ALL the data on a hard disk to another.

Therefore I would strongly recommend using feature when copying system files. Performing normal copy-paste on a hard disk only allows copying of only visible files.

However, hard disk sector to sector copy, transfers all data including settings and system and hidden files.

System clone.

As in the above Hard disk and partition cloning feature the wizard copies your system data from your hard disk from sector to sector. This allows it to copy all necessary data including settings and installed applications.


Easeus offers a variety of data backup products based on the users computer and data state:

The features found on the data backup free version application cannot be compared to the features found on the home pro version applications.Easeus screenshot

For a simpler explanation I have taken a screen shot of the comparison between the two home applications.

  • Easeus data backup businessEaseus backup screenshot

  • Easeus backup workstation.

Download                Purchase

  • Easeus backup server.

Download                Purchase

  •  Easeus backup advanced server

Download                Purchase

  • Easeus backup technician



For me this application ranks the top most for I have been not only able to backup my data on my external drive safely, but I have also been able to backup my OS fully.

By the way, I created a partition clone of my default OS partition and tested if the latter would work, and guess what. It worked perfectly. Now I really have no fear of computer failure.

Easeus data backup reviews

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  • Is there any other payment other than using credit card?

According to Chengdu developers, you can also pay for their orders using Paypal, Wire transfer, Fax, and Purchase order. These options are available in your interface while purchasing your device.

  • How can I get a copy of invoice?

If you purchased your application from RegNow (If you purchased your application from this website, you will be categorized in this group) please click the link: https://www.regnow.com/order_lookup.html and input your order E-Mail Address and Order ID. You can get your order information and an electronic receipt.

If you purchased from other agents, please contact accounts@easeus.com


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