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Piriform defraggler | Defragment your computer to speed up your computer

One of the most neglected computer maintenance practice is hard disk defragmentation. It may be due to user’s lack of understanding of its importance, or due to lack of proper defragmentation tools. Or both.

Hard disk defragmentation is an important practice on your computer. It helps hasten your hard disk response speed, due to quick read and write on a hard disk.

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Hard disk defragmentation is however, not possible if the user does not have a proper defragmentation tool. A tool able to scan for fragmented sectors and perform a thorough hard disk defragmentation on a hard disk.

A tool like Piriform Defragger.

Features and advantages.defraggler

With this tool you can be able to defragment your hard disk easily without much hustle. This is because the application is developed in extensive and effective features that help you defragment your hard disk.

Drive map

This is a system color map for which a user is able to use to learn more about the state of their drive sectors.

The colors range giving a clear depiction between the; empty, non-fragmented, and fragmented sectors in your hard drive.

Boot time defrag

Using this feature you can defragment your disk when your computer starts before it logs on.

You can set the application to run only once or always while your computer logs on.

Defrag file

You can also choose a specific file to defragment if you know of a defragmented file.

Defrag folder

You can also defragment a full folder. Open and select the folder you would like to defragment.

Analyze drive

This feature allows you to scan your drive partitions to find the fragmented files, folders, and also hard disk partitions.


This application can be installed on any windows OS.


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