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Wondershare I-click PC care | Hasten your computer speed to optimum usage.

1 click PC care is a very efficient computer optimization tool. It helps the user optimize their computer speed especially to hasten the use of other applications, like internet browsers, by reducing the number of background processes.

You can also be able to clean up junk off your hard disk, and therefore make it easy to find your data, and also free up space on your computer.
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Using this tool, you can also be able to check your computer stability. You will be able to check on issues like privacy: if you are safe using your computer, on the internet and offline, you can be able to find applications recorded to exist in the registry however, do not exist, or have been uninstalled, and many more stability issues.

Features and advantages.

Browser cleanup

You can be able to enable, disable and even to delete add-ins from your internet browsers. Find and remove unwanted browser add-ins manually.

System advisor

The system advisor is a tool that provides you with the recommended actions to take on your computer to improve your computer speed.

For example, speeding up windows shut down by decreasing application and services termination times.

Live speedup

This feature monitors your computer hardware in the background and optimizes them giving you optimum computer speed.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Memory optimization.
  • Processor optimization.
  • Auto defragmentation.
  • Disk priority manager: Defragment your hard disk when your computer is not in use.
  • Desktop protection: Prevents desktop explorer from crashing.
  • Service optimization.


This feature enables the user to schedule optimization operations like disk space free up, system stability checkup, and computer speed.

You can also schedule how often the application scans and optimizes your computer; daily, weekly, hourly…etc.

System privacy

Using this tool you can be able to improve your privacy offline and online. This is attained by checking:

  • Tracing cookies.
  • All personal data
  • Adult website traces.


The application can be installed on any windows OS.
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