wondershare photo recovery
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Wondershare photo recovery | Recover your photos easily and effectively.

There is not much difference between Wondershare data recovery and Wondershare photo recovery. However the photo recovery software has been integrated with advance features that help the user be able to recover their data easier.

The feature allows you to connect your digital camera and scan for deleted files. You can also connect your memory card, USB devices, and other portable data storage devices and run the software scan deleted files from this application.


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Features and advantages.

scr_1377340103-File preview.

You can be able to preview files before recovering them. This allows you to be able to be aware of corrupt and non-desired files before the recovery process. This reduces the time you spend sorting and deleting the unimportant files on your computer.

Sector search

This application scans your hard disk sector after sector, therefore providing optimum data recovery from your computer.

Camera scan.

You can be able to directly plug in your camera into your computer, and scan for deleted files using this application.

Removable media scan.

As a camera, you can also be able to plug in your removable media, USB hard drives, and micro-SD cards and scan to recover your data.

Filter search

You can be able to filter the files you want scanned for on your hard disk, to make it easier to find your files.

Drive select.

With this feature you can be able to select the device, or partition you would like to scan your data in.


This application can be installed on any windows OS.

Download this application


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