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Data backup | Importance of data backup on your computer.

Data backup is the most important computer maintenance practice in a computer. It acts as an immediate rescue plan for your computer in case of any failure. Almost identical to having a windows installation disk. Data backup also helps you be able to recover data lost accidentally or revert the computer to a previous state.

Data backup in fact is the best way to recover your data. It does not involve a scan in your computer hard disk, and cannot harm your computer since it is a form of data storage.

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Forms of data backup.

To perform a complete data backup, you ought not only to perform data backup for your windows and installed applications, but also to perform a backup form your files, documents, music and videos.

Therefore a complete data backup should involve:

  • File backup.
  • Program and software backup.
  • OS backup.

File Backup.

Forms of data backup

A full file backup is usually the best option to take. You ought to copy all your files on an external hard disk if you have one. This is usually the best option to safeguard the data, in case of hardware failure.

Program and software backup

After installing your applications, makes sure that you back up the exe files in another folder, or hard drive to install them again in case of new OS installation.

You should also backup your program settings on your computer to an external location. This helps you in recover process, and also to restore application settings at a certain time-span.

OS backup

This is the most important backup file you should perform. An OS backup can prevent you from installing windows on your computer all over again.

You just need to back up your OS having installed all the necessary files and programs. And if your computer crashes, you just restore the backup.

You can also revert your computer to that desired state instead of reinstalling your windows.

Importance of data backup on your computer.

importance of data backupData backup is a very crucial maintenance practice on your computer. If your computer did not record and store your computer’s state, then you could not be able to restore your computer to a previous state.

Why most people lose their data on their computers?

Most people lose their data due to lack of proper data backup on their computer. Do not be among them. Make sure that you backup our data appropriately.

The importance of data backup goes beyond this. With a data backup, you can be able to restore your computer to a previous state for which you desire.

There are several more reasons you should consider performing a data backup on your computer:

  • To recover the data in case of data loss.
  • To refresh and reinstall your data in case of a new windows installation.
  • To repair your windows and other OS in case of failure.
  • To safe guard your data in case of computer hardware failure.

To recover data in case of data loss.

While using a computer, many errors can occur. Sometimes while using your computer, you will accidentally delete very essential data. Some will get frustrated, while some will desperately search for recovery software to retrieve their data.

However, if you backup your data, it would be easy for you to reacquire your files after an accidental deletion.

To refresh and repair your computer by reverting it to a previous state.

While performing a system restore, the computer usually reverts to a state of the computer backed up on your computer by your system.

If your computer has not created a backup for your system, then a system restore could not be possible. Usually, your computer will create backups of your system after a major change in system configuration, for example a windows update.

However, you also can as well be able to create your own backup, for which you can restore your computer from. It is much advantageous to create your own backup since, you can be able to choose the state of a computer you would like to revert to. For example, if you had some rare software installed.

Reinstalling windows a fresh.

Using a data backup, you can also be able to install windows on a hard disk and continue using your computer. This is only possible, if you are using the same computer you had created the OS backup from.

Recover your data in case of computer failure.

A data backup is important in case of hardware damage. Sometimes, computer hardware can get corrupted. However, if you have already performed a data backup, you can be able to retrieve your data from your data backup location.


A data backup is therefore the ultimate practice that can help you avoid incurring heavy salaries on your computer in efforts of repair. You can be able to repair both computer failure, and software failure, by restoring your data.

Therefore, make sure that you backup your data appropriately in order for you to reap the advantages later on.


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