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Data backup | Methods of data backup.

Data backup, like I have insisted again and again, is a very essential computer maintenance practice. Without proper data backup on your computer, you can face a lot of problems. For example you may not be able to recover your computer configuration, or restore your computer in case of a computer crash.

There are several ways through which you can backup data on your computer. Data backup can be performed manually by copying your files to another location.

Hint: Did you know that computer partitions can be also a form of data backup?

You can also copy program installation files on another location as a form of data backup. This means that you will have dual program files in your computer, one in an exe compressed file, while another in an installed file manner. You8 can also backup your files using windows…etc.

Data backup methods

Here are the common data backup methods to use on your computer:

  • Use of data backup software.
  • Using windows to backup OS.
  • User manual data backup.

Use of backup software.

Using a data backup software to back up your files is the best option there is to perform a data backup. There are many advantages of using a software to back up your files over any other form of data backup. For example you can be able to perform multiple operations at the same time.

Here are some advantages of using a software to back up your files:

  • Multiple data backup operations support.Forms of data backup
  • Easy to back up your files.
  • Freedom of choice on the files backup
Multiple data backup operations

It is very rare for you to find a software that only allows you to back up your files only, or perform OS backup only.

Using a software, you will be able to perform all backup operations on the same platform. After backing up your OS, you can then be able to back up another form of data using the same wizard.

For example you can back up your OS files, then after that you backup your partition data, using the same wizard.


Using a software to back up your files is an assurance that your files will be safe. You do not have to be afraid of the software backing up your files on the wrong location.

You also do not have to be afraid of failed data backup.

Easy to use.

Backing up your files is quite an easy job. It only takes you only a few minutes to perform a full data backup.

Freedom of choice of backup files.

Using an application you can easily be able to choose when to back up your files, and the files you would like to backup.

Examples of major backup software.

This application may not be a data backup tool, however it can be able to provide some backup features. For instance Copying partitions and OS to another partition.

Windows backup system.

Using windows you can also be able to back up your files. In fact most people at first use windows to back up their files.

There are two types of data backup on windows:

·         Windows system restore system

This is the default windows OS backup system on your computer. Windows creates restore points using this feature, which are then used to restore your computer in case of a failure.

However, the user cannot back up their data using this feature. Windows backs up the system configuration of a computer, called restore points, when the computer configuration is changed greatly. For example after a windows update.

This is the major disadvantage of relying on this data backup for your computer. You cannot be able to choose when to back up your files. Your computer may even fail to back up any data in a year, if there is no major configuration change in your computer.

·         Windows data backup system

Windows data backup is a better for of data backup system. You can be able to choose the files you would like to back.

This kind of data backup is not quite easy to use.

User manual data backup

The user can also backup their data manually.

This can be achieved by:

  • Dual data storage on different locations.

The user can also store their data on two locations. For example, storing their applications, music and video files on their internal hard disk and external hard disk. This involves coping your files on another hard disk, and keeping them as data backup in case of hard disk failure.

You can also be able to back up your OS, and your full hard disk configuration, onto another hard disk, however using an application

  • Partitioning a hard disk properly

After performing proper had disk partitioning on your hard disk, you can also be able to back up your data securely. This is by storing important data on another partition, In case of windows failure, your data can never come to any damage. This is because, windows failure can only affect C partition.


Data backup is in fact a very intelligent move on anyone’s part. However, when you perform a data backup on your computer make sure that you perform the correct and full data backup on your system.


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