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WD My passport Ultra-1TB review | The most trusted portable hard drive.

My passport ultraFeatures:

  • Password protection with hardware encryption; You can use this hard disk at work or in public places where you are greatly afraid for your data security.
  • USB 3 technology; This means that the device is usable from new school to old school aged computers.
  • Automatic backup; This is its greatest quality. You can be able to enable renewed data backup off your computer often, allowing you to recover your files with ease.

Purchase external drive only 94$

Features and advantages

This device is built with the perfect tools for the comfort of the user. A portable device with the capabilities of a music player, or an iPod.

It allows the user to be able to store massive amount of videos, music, photos and other preferred files. Here are some of the features that make this device best suitable for you:


  • It contains a light weight (0.159kg), portable device, which is very easy to carry, allowing you to be able move the device to any location and continue to use it.
  • It is developed in USB 3 technology, and therefore can be powered up using your computer, there is no necessity in bulky power cords and plugs.
  • The above feature also prevents a user from unnecessary power cord repairs which often get damaged and are expensive. Whereas, USB cords are cheap and rarely spoil.

Purchase external drive only 94$

Free software utilities.

This device, comes with some manufacturer software utilities for the user. These utilities (WD backup, WD security, and WD drive utilities software), allow you as the user to run and manage your hard disk in a simple but organized manner.

They open opportunities for you to be able to perform some operations on your hard disk which would require purchasing of heavy applications to perform. These operations include:

  1. Drive registration.
  2. Drive timer.
  3. Run diagnostics
  4. Optimize functionality and
  5. Set up drive security features; You can be able to set a password using a powerful 256-bit AES hardware-based encryption system.

Sleek hardware development.

This device is built in a light weight PVC material that makes it safe to use. Its casing is safe, it prevents the hard disk from shock in case of falling.

It also makes it durable for a very long time. It can be used over a very long period of time without ever posing a problem.

It is also a good heat conductor-so to say. This prevents your hard disk from internal damage due to overheating.
Purchase external drive only 94$


This device, to me, is a good way to invest your your money. You can be able to backup your files, huge amount of data storage, device encryption enabled, and also lasts long. It is not everyday that a person gets such an offer.



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