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How to backup data using Easeus partition master | partition manager – data recovery tool.

Easeus partition master is a very easy to use software. Using this software, you can be able to back up your OS, partition your hard disk, create bootable disk, wipe data from disks, and also copy a full partition.

Therefore, Easeus partition master is more of a data backup tool than you may actually notice. With this application you can be able to backup both OS system files, and full partition files.

Here is a free tutorial on own to back up your data using Easeus todo backup:

How to backup data using Easeus partition master.Easeus partition master

Like I said, there are three types of data recovery methods available sing this software;

  1. Easeus partition copy.
  2. Hard disk clone.
  3. Easeus OS backup
  1. An external hard disk.
  2. A premium version Easeus partition manager software.
  3. A computer compatible with Easeus partition master installation.

Easeus partition copy.

  • Open Easeus partition master, and navigate to the wizard tool at the tool bar-at the top of the application.
  • Open the Partition copy wizard. Then select the partition on your computer you would like to partition.
  • Click next-the application should first analyze the partition before allowing you to select the location to copy the partition to.
  • Select an unallocated space on your external hard disk to transfer the data to. Mind you, the space should be an exact size of the partition you would like to copy.
  • Copy your partition and save your data on another hard disk.

Hard disk clone.Hard disk clone

  • Navigate to the top menu and click on the wizard tool, at the top of your application.
  • There are two options available on this application:
  1. You can upgrade your computer to another bigger hard disk.
  2. You can also copy your data to another location.
  • Select one option and (I would recommend you to choose upgrade your computer,) then let the application analyze your disk.
  • Select the disk you would like the application to copy to.

Migrate OS to SSD/HDD.

This is the best option to back up your data. This is because you can be able to boot using your external hard disk if your computer crashes.

However, you must have activated your application to use this feature.

  • Select the option to migrate OS to SSD/HDD. It can be easily accessed from the top menu.
  • Let the application analyze your hard disk and then select the unallocated space on your hard disk to migrate your OS to.

This tool was not built for data backup. However, these features can be used to back up your files effectively.

Therefore, remember to back up your files safely as a computer user, to protect your data.


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