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WD Ultra Passport 2TB External Hard Disk Review- Black

  • 2TB optimum hard disk space. Enough hard disk pace to store every file type.
  • Fast USB 3.0 speed. This allows you to plug and play your hard disk in your computer. And you can be able to operate in your hard disk as fast as you operate your internal hard disk.
  • USB 3.0 This allows the device to be usable on any computer-old school or new school.

This device has received no complains what so ever, it is optimum in every feature. Each customer that purchases this device is satisfied with the device as it is.

Buy this device $123Hard disk reviews

Features and advantages.

USB 3.0 capability.

Using this USB capability, you can be able to use your device on any computer, no matter how old. You can also access your data very quickly with a data transfer rate of up to 5GBs per second.

Easy plug and play.

This device does not require a charger and plug. It is powered easily from your USB cord, and therefore is easy to carry and use.

High capacity

You can be able to store data of up to 2TB. There is no hindered space loss what so ever.

Automatic and cloud backup

You can be able to backup your Photos, Music, and Video in your computer using WD Smartware pro automatic backup software, already installed on your hard disk. And therefore prevent data loss on your computer.

Stylish, safe and compact

The device is also easy to carry around anywhere at ease. It is also safe to store your data since the disk is built in a shockproof casing.

Buy this device only $123


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