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Seagate Backup Plus Slim 2TB External Hard Drive Review | Quick, safe and reliable.

Features: Hard disk review

  • Thin and easily portable. It is developed in a sleek metal design and also is up to 42% thinner giving you the comfort to carry the device anywhere at ease.
  • Automatic Photo, Video and Music backup in your device to protect you from data loss.
  • Quick file transfer using a USB 3.0 capability. This allows you to copy and transfer your data with speeds of up to 5GBs per second.

Buy this device only $339  

Hard disk review

Features and advantages.

200GB cloud storage.

You can be able to backup up-to 200GB of data using one drive application, installed on your hard disk, for only $95

Extremely fast.

Using the USB 3.0 connectivity, you can be able to move, copy and transfer your files in and out of the hard disk with a speed of up to 5GBs per second. With this speed you can be able to move your data at a very quick speed.

USB 3.0 capability

The disk is also usable on any computer, installed with any OS, or no matter how old. Some hard disks cannot be run on old computers. However, using this disk, you can run run files on any computer no matter how old.


This device is not easily susceptible to damage in case of falling. It is built in a metal, sleek, shock proof casing. This gives it the ability to withstand shock after falling.

Sleek portable design

It is small in size, and light in weight, allowing you to be able to carry it easily on your front pocket.

Premium data backup.

Using Lyve app, installed on your hard disk, you can be able to backup your data automatically from your computer often.

Buy this device only $339


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