External hard disk · Hardware review

Generic Hard Disk Box External Case For SATA (White)

  • USB 3.0 super speed. Enjoy data transfer speed of up-to 5GBs per second. Save a lot of time copying data from one location to another.
  • Shock proof. Live stress free against the fear of losing your data in case of accidental slipping and galling of your device. Your device cannot be affected if it fell.
  • Portability. Due to its small size, you can be able to put it into your pocket and carry it around easily.

Buy this device only $18
hard disk review

Features and advantages.

High speed.

Using a USB 3.0 compatibility, you can be able to use your drive at a very high speed, with a data transfer rate of about 5GBs per second.

You can also be able to use it on any computer no matter how old.

Slim, compact and easily portable.

The device is about 4cms wide and 6cms wide. This makes it easy to carry and and transport to other places easily.

Plug and play

To use the device you do not require to have a plug and cable. You only need to plug it into your computer and run the device.

Buy this device only $18


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