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Paragon data backup and recovery 16 review | Backup important files on your computer

Paragon data backup and recovery tool is a well developed program with the ability to help the user use the application easily and comfortably.



Actually, Paragon technologies use a different kind of keyword phrasing compared to other data backup tools. For example;creating a data job, create a single backup…etc.Paragon screnshot

These keywords would be difficult to understand if the developers had not integrated a system to guide the user through each an every stage while using a feature, and through the process of using a feature on the program.

Another paragon product that marvelously does its job. It is developed in a simple user interface with two types of data view; the main view and the x-view. Using the x-view, you can be able to view your features as large icons which are arranged from left to right.

These include:

  • Creating single backup.
  • Creating backup job
  • Restore backup
  • And file transfer wizard.


Data backup and storage has always been a prior duty for Paragon developers, all their applications fall within the category data backup and storage features.

This may probably be the reason why paragon has been able to produce applications for which I cannot be able to criticize against.

On the contrally, I would advocate for this application as your number one alternative data backup tool. It is very useful if you want to backup your data.

Here are some of the features you would love about this application:

  • Complete backup and restore.

Create an existing copy of your hard disk, OS or partition which can be later used to restore your computer to an earlier stage without losing your data nor reinstalling and re-configuring your applications and settings.

  • Rescue media configurator

Create a rescue device to boot up your computer with in case of computer failure.



Features and advantages.

This tool is uniquely made to serve the purpose of creating data backup and recovering it, and also transferring files from one location to another.

It is a simple tool integrated with efficient data backup with all your preferences available.

Its features include:

Creating single backup.

A single backup is the creation of data backup only once on a computer. This is you create a data backup of a file, system, or any other type of data backup, without allowing the program to auto update the backup every day.

Most people prefer this kind of data backup when performing such operations on non-edited data; like movies, music, photos…etc.

See, you cannot run the program to auto update your data backup if you rarely change the data backed up.

Creating backup job.

A data backup job, in this application, is the creation of data backup which will constantly be updated by your program within the time period for which you set across.

This kind of data backup pattern is very essential for system restore and safety in case of failure. It is also very essential for keeping company records, and also work pattern…etc.

Restoring backup.

Now using this feature is when you can be able to restore the data backed up previously in your computer.

It does not involve much because it is just a matter of finding the data backup created previously and performing a data restoration.

File transfer.

The application is also integrated in another feature that allows you to copy your data from one location to another without tampering with the data format.

You can be able to copy data on a partition to an external hard disk, another partition, or on a network drive. And also you can be able to burn your data on another disk; DVD or CD. Both using this application.




For me I would recommend using this program to store your data backup on your external hard drive, It should do a marvelous job in keeping your database up to date.

Due to its simplicity, the application also does not affect your computer speed at all, while running in the background. This should serve a great purpose in keeping your computer speed intact, and also creating safe backups. Paragon reviews

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