AOMEI Backuper proffesional
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AOMEI Backupper software review | The most compact tool.

AOMEI data backupper is an offline data backup tool. It allows you to backup your data on your home devices effectively.

The tool has been integrated with all the essential features a user would require in an offline data backup. You can be able to create a data backup effectively.

You can also be able to create your data backup for every data format on your computer.

With this main focus, it has been able to integrate all the features required to create an offline data backup and therefore create a exemplary application.


AOMEI backupper overview

The company has been able to establish a tool for the full user service. It provide data backup service for Home, Office, and server users.

It is an upcoming company performing full research on partition management, data backup, and data recovery since 2009. They have therefore been in the industry for quite some time establishing a tool which is meant to be effective in data backup.

It also research on the user preferences which makes it able to not only create a tool that establishes exemplary features that serve the needs of the user.

Therefore, the company makes constant updates on their software to establish better and better tools in terms of;

  • user interface moderation,
  • added features like the newly updated real time-time file sync…etc.

Features and advantages.

File sync

Backup your folder using a file synchronization. This is where you copy all your files to another destination as a data backup. However images are not supported.

It also contains a real time file sync feature which allows you to be able monitor changes that occur on your data, also synchronize newly added, modified or even deleted data from your data backup.

This type of data backup is useful for users who want to make changes on their data however be able to keep original files. You can sync both files and edit on file keeping the other format untouched.

Partition backup.

You can be able to backup your full partition to another location. FYI, this does not create a clone of you HDD partition, it only allows you to be able to create an image file of your hard disk partition.

The image is created in a .backupper format to hinder interference from other applications.

Your hard disk partition, or dynamic volume can can be backed up if the data is then restored on the same partition or another partition.

Disk backup.

There is no major difference between a full HDD backup and a selective partition backup. You will need to perform the same operation as a partition or dynamic volume backup.

System backup

You can also be able to create an OS data backup with this application. The application creates an .adi extension files containing your windows files essential your operating System to boot. However, you cannot be able to boot your computer using this backup.

A system restore would possible though using this type of data backup.

This the best tool to use to store a image of your Operating System

System and universal restore

After creating a data backup you can be able to restore it to your computer either using the system restore, or the universal restore.

A system restore allows you to restore your operation system files without interrupting with your OS settings and configuration.

Hard disk, partition and system clone.

A device clone is a copy of your data in the same format, settings and configuration however, on another device. This device can be used as an alternative device for your system in case of device failure.

A hard disk clone involves cloning your HDD data onto another hard disk, either external to internal, internal to external, or external to external.

A partition clone involves coping your partition data, settings and configuration to another partition, and system clone involves cloning of your OS data, settings and configuration.

In all the above you have noticed that I mentioned that in all features, you can be able to backup your data, settings and configuration. This allows you to use the clone to operate your system in its normal state.

Backup merge.

If you have created a data backup, I mean two data backups of the same device or data, or data which you have come to realize should be categorized as one, then you should be able to merge the two data backups together as one.

Create bootable media

You can also be able to create a system data backup to boot your computer with. This can be mapped on a removable disk, DVD, or a CD.

It can thereby be used to boot and repair your computer in case of computer failure.



AOMEI professional is developed for home usage. This tool is helpful for users who work at home, or those who just want to backup data from their home computers.

For instance, you can backup data from your home laptop, computer and your Kids computer.

download                       Purchase only 49.95$

AOMEI proffesional


This tool is developed for data protection, disaster recovery plan and disk partitioning. It is developed for small and medium scale business people.

download                       Purchase only 49.95$

AOMEI Server


This tool is integrated with all the features for AOMEI Server, however, it is broader and supports use in large companies, providing service for an unlimited number of computers.AOMEI Technician

download                       Purchase only 49.95$


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