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Ashampoo data backup pro review | The most compiled data backup tool.

Each and every data backup tool that I have come across is uniquely developed with its key features pointing out to the main goal of the application to the user. Interestingly, there is no tool with functions close to another.

There are tools developed mainly to backup your files (documents, music, and video) on your computer, there are also tools developed mainly to create OS data backups and full drive data backup on your computer, and then there is  the Ashampoo data backup pro, mainly developed to backup your drive or files on online accounts.

Uniquely, there is no tool I have come across that reassembles another, therefore before downloading a tool make sure that you know the data you would like to backup first,  then learn of the tool to use.

Ashampoo backup pro is a tool compiled with multiple features allowing you to backup your data on any online accounts.

These include:

  • Local drive/ network drive.

Backup your data on your local drive. It allows you backup up your data offline on your computer. You can be able to either backup a full drive or some files on a partition.

Backup your files on a network drive. These are computers connected to you at your work place, or in another network, which you can easily access from your windows explorer, on your NETWORK tab.

  •  Dropbox 
  • Google Drive
  • OneDrive
  • Strato HiDrive
  • 1&1
  • MegentaCLOUD
  • WebDAVserver.

You can also be able to backup your files on your Dropbox, google Drive, OneDrive, Strato HiDrive, 1&1, MegentaCLOUD, and your WebDAVserver accounts. For all accounts, it is very easy to authorize, the application opens a new tab on your default browser, allowing you to authorize it to open your account and edit its configuration.

After that, you will need to choose the files you would like to backup, or select the a full partition then proceed to backup your files.


Ashampoo backup pro is one of of the tools I have come across that correlates both online and offline data backups. It is able to perform both forms of data backup without tampering with your online accounts configuration.

Secondly, it assures your accounts password safely.

Happy tool to use

Therefore, creating your own data backup on your computer allows you to restore your computer to a previous state therefore repairing your windows problem.

Ashampoo is yearly updated, and on each new version developed in giving it an ability to perform a data backup better.

“Ashampoo® Backup 2016 covers all the essentials of backup creation and restoration. Simply select a disk partition, a target location and a time and you’re all set! From now on, Ashampoo® Backup 2016 will backup your files securely in the background. Experience maximum safety with minimal effort, no technical knowledge required.”

And afterwards the tool will be automatically updating your data backup according to the schedule you set on your application.

Features and advantages.

Download.                       Purchase only 19.99$

Online data backup.

You can be able to perform an online data backup on your computer. There are several tools which are supported by this application.

I have mentioned the online tools supported above.

It makes it very easy for a user to backup and retrieve their data using this application. There are very few steps required to backup data on a users account, and if the user’s computer is safely connected with a fast internet connection it can be very easy for them to backup their data.

Offline data backup.

The application also allows you to backup and restore data on your home devices. You can be able to select a partition, or an external device in which to backup your data on during the data backup.

Remember, if you want to backup your data on your HDD, then your hard drive should be categorized as a partition.


The application takes a very little time to backup your data. If the user has adequate internet speed, they can be able to backup their data very quick.


The application does not affect your online account password. In fact, it is not involved in the authorization process for the online platform accounts. It opens your browser tab so that you can be able to login to your accounts and authenticate the application to change your platform configuration.

Therefore, the program does not in any way come to contact with your password and settings.


The highlighted prize fro the application is 19.99$. Sometimes the application developers give a discount for the application by providing a coupon to redeem.

However, they are not common.

Download.                       Purchase only 19.99$


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