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How to create an emergency disk | Using Data backup for Comp repair.

One of the main reasons why people backup their data on their computers is to be able to be able to perform system restore in case of computer failure. An emergency disk therefore serves on of the key goals of data backup. In fact, it should be the prior computer maintenance activity for users.

However, an emergency disk is not considered part of data backup. Most people think of data backup as a tool and service for the paranoid computer users.

Did you know that your computer also creates minor data backups in order for you to be able to restore your windows in case of computer failure?


Your system restore point is actually a data backup, for which your Windows creates an image on your computer. From this you can therefore be able to restore your computer easily.

Therefore, data backup is not for paranoid users, it is for every computer user there is out there. Because there is no user who can claim never to have faced a computer failure.

Therefore, if you are smart computer user, you could create a data backup for your computer quickly.

And one of the ways to create a windows data backup is by creating an emergency disk.

How to create an Emergency Disk.


AOMEI BACKUPPER is not only an easy tool to use but also very quickly in response. Using this tool you can be able to perform multiple data backup operations on your computer at home.

In fact if you purchase this application you do not need any other data backup tool to perform data backup at home.

Creating an emergency disk using AEOMEI BACKUPPER:


  • Open your application from the shortcut on your desktop. (If you have not purchased or downloaded this application you can download it from here.)
  • Navigate to the utilities bar at the bottom of the application menu.AOMEI backupper
  • On the new sub menu that appears, you will be able to see the option to create an emergency disk.
  • Click on that feature. And a new wizard will appear, which should guide you through the process.AOMEI Backupper
  • You will the need to select the bootable disk type. This is by selecting the Operating System you would like to create a data backup out of.
  • The application then checks your system to realize if it can be able to create a data backup up out of it. If it is OK, click
  • After this you will be prompted to choose the location for data backup storage.
  • Then you only need to wait for your application to finish.

It is a very easy and steady process. In fact even the process of archiving the data backup on your disk is not a very time consuming process.

However, if your application fails to create a bootable disk, create an .iso file and store it on your computer. Then use an external software to create a bootable disk. It is quicker this way.


Easeus Todo Backup tool is a tool that is developed to cover every detail in data backup since developers tried to be broad in each feature.

The emergency creation feature therefore can be able to paint all the data on your Operation System onto your DVD, CD or Iso file. Such a tool is essential in creation of data backup since it enables the user to ensure the data backup of essential features on their Operation system.

Some of this added advantages make the application slow at times. However, it provides a data backup broader than any other application.

Also after the software has read and archived the data on your OS, it may take you seconds to create another backup disk.

Therefore, the application takes less time to create an emergency disk also, from the second time.


The procedure does not vary much with that of AOMEI BACKUPPER. In fact they are quite almost the same.

  • Open your application from your desktop shortcut. ( If you have not downloaded your application you can download from here)Easeus todo backup tool
  • On the furthest right in the application top menu, there is an option to open tools. Click on it, and a drop down menu appears.
  • Select the feature create an Emergency Disk.
  • A wizard is going to appear that will enable you to create your Emergency disk.Easeus Todo backup
  • On this wizard you will be prompted to select the your operation system and the location for your Emergency disk storage locationEaseus todo backup
  • You can also create an .iso file on your computer if you do not have a disk ready. Afterwards you can use this to create your emergency disk, using an external software.

Creation of an emergency disk is a very quick and steady process. Therefore, stop being risking loss of data in case of computer failure, and create a data backup now.

An emergency disk, like I said is a very essential tool in computer management. In fact, it is the type of image data used by your computer to restore your computer in case of damage.




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