System clone
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System clone | What is and how to create a system clone.

A system clone is an exact copy of your windows or Operating system from your main computer to another computer, hard disk drive (HDD), solid state drive (SDD) or an external disk.  A system clone can also be referred to as a copy of your C:\ partition, if you have dedicated one partition for windows only.

System clone

The main advantage of performing a system clone is that your installed drivers, programs, updates, and custom settings and configurations are also backed up on your system clone. Therefore, you can be able to install the drive on your computer and continue using it normally.

After creating a system clone, then you can therefore be able to plug in your disk into your computer and operate the computer normally.

It is similar to coping your internal hard disk using a software. Only that using a coping software, some data cannot be copied. While using a cloning software, you will be able to copy all your data on your device.

Advantages of a system clone.

A system clone can be one of the most efficient form of data recovery. It is the most effective form of computer repair, in case of hard disk failure. This is because it allows you to switch from one hard disk to another.

Exhaustive system coping.

Unlike other forms of data copy, system clone enables you to copy data from your computer extensively. It ensures that you can be able not only run all your files and system properties after system clone, but also boot with the new created HDD/ SDD clone.

Some software can even be able to create a bootable system clone, which you can be able to boot with.

Easy hard disk upgrade.

You can be able to move your data from a damaged internal hard disk to another hard disk without losing your data.

In fact if your hard disk is damaging, I would recommend you to clone your system to another hard disk and replace your internal HDD.

If you would like to upgrade your computer from a HDD to a large hard disk or SDD, this would also be a perfect solution.

Same operating system different computers.

You can be able to clone your system and use it on a computer of the same model in different computers. This would allow you to use different computers with the same data, applications and configurations.

How to create a System clone.

1.      Using Easeus Todo backup tool.

Easeus data backup tool is a comprehensive tool that is professionally developed to serve all purposes in data recovery.

Easeus Todo backup System clone tool is also a tool that can not only backup your Operating System but also your Operating System properties, configurations, drivers, and also installed applications.

And what makes it even better, you can be able to boot using your system clone.

  • Launch your Easeus Todo Backup tool. Either from your desktop shortcut or from your windows start menu.Easeus todo data backup
  • On the far right of the top menu you will see the option System Clone. Click on it.
  • A wizard will appear prompting you to choose the destination location for your backup. You will be able to see the model of your operating system and its properties.Easeus todo backup toolNormally this is supposed to be an external HDD/ SDD. If you are creating a system clone on your SDD, I would recommend you to check the option optimize your backup for SDD.
  • Click  proceed and create your data backup.System clone

After this you can boot using your system clone immediately.

2.      Using AOMEI Backupper.

AOMEI Backupper is a very responsive tool. Very quick to perform simple and complicated operations.

AOMEI Backupper System Clone is a comprehensive feature for which has been provided by AOMEI. With this tool you can be able to create a system clone for your Operating System, configuration settings, installed applications and drivers, and user files.

  • Open your AOMEI backupper tool. You must have activated your application to be acle to use this feature.


AOMEI Backupper

  • Under the tab on your right Clone you will find the option to clone your system in an option for  System clone. Click on it.
  • Select on the disk you would like to keep your data on. Ensure that the disk contains enough keep the data. If the space on the disk is partitioned and the partitions cannot fit a full OS backup, the application will therefore prompt the user to delete one partition.
  • If there is any essential data on the drive make sure to backup it up first.AOMEI Backupper system clone
  • Click start clone and create your system clone.AOMEI BACKUPPER System clone

Making the clone bootable using aomei backupper.

  • When the system cloning is finished, a user is recommended not to boot the computer from the destination disk directly.
  • In order to make Windows bootable from the new HDD or SSD, please shut down the computer after system cloning is completed.
  • Disconnect the source disk and connect the destination disk to the socket of the source disk. The source disk could be plugged in another socket as a secondary storage device.

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