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Offline data backup | What is and Pros of offline data backup.

Offline data backup involves the storage of data backup on external devices. A data backup can either be created by direct coping of files from a computer to an external device, or by the use of a backup software.Offline data backup

Mostly I recommend for the use of a data backup software. This is because a software allows you to back up your system files, which cannot be easily backed up by simple copy-pasting. Actually, there are several advantages accompanied with the use of a data backup software.

Here are a few:

  • Ability to back up system programs and configuration.
  • Ability to back up your whole Operating system.
  • Ability to back up your whole device (HDD/SDD.)
  • Ensures data safety.
  • Does not affect your computer configuration.
  • Quick to restore data.

I will get back to this later.

Advantages of offline data backup.

These are several advantages and disadvantages of using offline data backup over online data backup.

An offline data backup can be described as the act of storage of data in a home device for future use. As the name suggests, offline data backup is not often tampered with; and that is the key reason why it stays safe.

An offline data backup therefore is the safest and most effective method of data backup.

Here are several advantages of using software to backup your files:

  1. ·         Safety

Like I described it before, offline data backup is the storage of data in a device, for which is not often disturbed, for as a form of data backup.

An offline data backup is therefore safe from any kind of interruption by either the computer user or through other data threats. Normally, until you run your storage device, the data ought to remain in the same state.

There are several factors for which offline data backup secures your data from:

  • Virus attacks
  • Data corruption
  • User interference.

2·         Recovery speed.

A data backup created on an external device, like hard disks, cannot be compared to a data backup stored online. This is because the recovery speed of data off a hard disk will be compatible to the speed of data transfer on the device which is approximately about 5GBs per second.

While the data recovery speed off an online data backup would be compatible to online data transfer speed which can be at most 20mbs per second, which is a lot slower than offline data backup.

Therefore, for huge data backup it would consume a lot of time to recover your data off an online data backup.

3·         User managed

You can be able to choose the preferred time to backup, recover and update your data backup. Since the data is all at your disposal you can be able to manipulate the data anyhow easily.

However, you need to be careful of tampering with your data. This could cause an accidental data corruption, which would force you to restart the archiving process all over again.

How to create an offline data backup.

An offline data backup involves backup of data within your home. The data backed up is kept in a location, on a device within your reach.

Contrary to online data backup where you backup data on another person’s drive, who allows you to access your data online using cloud connection.

Therefore, most of the data backup you create within your home, on your device, or on your external hard drive are offline data backup.

The process of creating an offline backup is therefore the common understood:


As I have mentioned above, there are several tools you may be required to purchase in order for you to safely back up your data.

  • A data backup tool/software.

Aomei backupper technician                     Easeus todo backup workstation

  • An external storage device. Preferably, an external hard disk for huge data storage.


  • And the computer containing the data.


Across the globe, most home based computer owners and businesses prefer to back up their data offline. This is because, offline data backup turns out to be the quickest way to recover huge amounts of data on their computers.

Also, it is difficult to repair a computer using an online data backup, which is the sole reason most computer users backup their data in the first place; to restore their computers in case of damage.

However, there other forms of data that can be useless if backed up in your home devices, for example, company data, SQL database backup, website data backup….etc.

Therefore, there are indeed, some data I would highly recommend to be solely backed up on an external device.

Here they are:

  • OS data backup.
  • Drive backup.
  • Partition backup.
  • File data backup (very many files.)

While offline data backup has its advantages, online data backup has its advantages also, therefore an online data backup is always important for some computer users.

Do not get me wrong, online data backup cannot be used for some activities like windows repair, it is difficult for this to happen.

However, online data backup has a lot of advantages to offer for some of us, which I will mention to you later. Therefore, we cannot substitute one data backup with another when so ever. Sometimes you may be forced to back up your data using both online and offline platforms.


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