Computer Consultant’s Kenya:

Fix your Computer problems Kenya

Here at computer consultants Kenya, we offer computer help for hardware, and software problems, as well as computer maintenance tricks for our client’s utmost satisfaction.

A people who know how to troubleshoot and diagnose your computer effectively to solve the problem.

We may sometimes recommend some of the best software to buy that may help you fix your computer problems easily and quick.

Computer consultants Kenya.

Computer consultants KenayNo one can claim never to have faced a problem in their computer. Computers are delicate machines that need constant repairs, maintenance and services.

Most are the times when people are required to reinstall their Windows, replace a hard ware, or diagnose the computer, due to the constant failures outsourcing from the machine.

Therefore, at computer consultants Kenya we believe every problem should be taken care of immediately no matter how small.

Though, while some problems might seem simple, finding solutions for them could prove an impossible mission. Whereas others seem tough, however they are very easy to solve. Some involve just a windows troubleshoot and windows fixes the problem easily.

Therefore the solutions we provide are researched over and over again and found safe for the user’s computer, and also provide satisfaction based on the users financial and problem situation.

Example problems we have solved.

Problem 1.
Tuning a wireless connectivity on.

I have dealt with a problem where the client, claimed to have broken his keyboard, on which the wireless button was located (On the F12 button.) Thereby he had no other means of tuning his Wi-Fi on.
The client was looking for a possible method (Coding, software anything on the internet) to help him turn his Wi-Fi on, however, he could not find any.
Apparently his computer had a turn on switch located on a button on his keyboard. He therefore had no other possible means of turn it on other than using the switch.


This problem puzzled me for a while, I also had the same reasoning, and there must have been a way to turn on. I mean, do people not turn on and off the display anytime using the keyboard as well as using the power options in the control panel.
I did not find the solution to the problem, and therefore, I end up advising my client to seek for a keyboard replacement of the same model to be able to access the same button.

Problem 2.

While some problems may prove quite easy:

Turning Wi-Fi capability on.

I had a second client, who faced the same problem, however in a different phase.

The client claimed to have installed all the necessary drivers required.

However, whenever he tried to connect to a Wi-Fi network or a Bluetooth connection he could not be able.

Ironically, he could be able to connect to the internet using his modem or using his LAN cable.

His problem was minor, he only needed to find the same wireless connectivity button and turn it on. Just like that, problem solved.

My point is, people require someone to guide them through each and every step involved in maintaining, repairing, or servicing a computer no matter how big or tiny.

Some maybe simple, some maybe tough and one may have to incur serious amount of money into hardware to get their computer fixed. While some problems, only require an easy step such as troubleshooting a device, and windows will fix your problem automatically.

Here, at Computer Consultants Kenya, there is no small problem or big problem to solve. Our clients’ wishes are our commands. We work day and night trying to find the right solution for a problem our client is facing, based on their circumstances.

Services we provide.

1. Computer Maintenance.

Computers are like children on a playground, they constantly need to be looked after and into every now and then to ensure their health and fitness.

While a computer is new, or has just had a new windows installation, it is guaranteed to be quick, less problematic, and has well-functioning hard wares. However, due to constant use and usage of Ram and other computer devices, the computer proceeds to be slower thereby if it lacks proper maintenance, the user ought to encounter some hardship using it.

Software installation and uninstallation for example, are delicate operations often leading to disarrangement of the Local disk C partition, thereby rendering the users unable to find their documents.

If a user uninstalls a software, some files maybe left in the installation folder, filing the Windows partition with folders that may not be necessary.

Also, if a user deletes the file contents of a software, and assumes having uninstalled the software, the software may not be uninstalled, and may still be running in the background.

Thereby, if the computer lacks proper maintenance practices problems start to develop slowly.

Example maintenance activities:
  • Deleting unimportant data on a computer to free up space
  • Scanning your computer for viruses and malwares often and using the appropriate antivirus.
  • Scanning RAM and hard disk often for failures
  • Defragmentation of a hard disk
  • Data backup

2. Computer repair.

Hardware repair.

Due to the diversity in the localities of the clients we receive, we rarely offer hardware repairs in person. However, we offer advice based on the problem cause and the situation of the client (financially) on:

The right kind of action to take. Based on the clients financial situation.

The right hard ware to buy and tutorials on how to use the

Research on the nearest shop for the client to find the required hardware.

Sacrifice our time and resources to ensure the clients satisfaction.

Windows/software repair.

Windows repair.

We provide windows repair ranging from complex issues like windows crash to minor issues like slow windows response.

Some of the issues we have solved:

  • Windows crash: Unable to boot, stuck at the logon screen.
    Missing boot files …etc.
  • Freezing computer.
  • Slow booting process.
  • Retrieving lost documents
  • Lack of proper and appropriate drivers.
  • Slow windows response.
  • Virus attacks.

Why choose us.

We have experienced most of the problems listed before, both personal and from clients. Therefore we have both empathy for our clients and understanding of the problems in the shoes of the clients.\

We thereby try to offer our clients the best of the services and follow up to ensure that the clients get satisfied with our services.

We also give our clients a tutorial of the work we are going to be doing on their computer, giving them a list of all the to-do items we may have on their PCs. And if any, an estimate of all the expenses incurred due the operation is over. Thereby, our clients can lay hope on us for repairing their computer fully and functional again.

• Transparency

We offer services to our clients with the utmost sincerity.

Secondly, we offer our services for our client’s satisfaction.

• Fairness.

Like I said, at computer consultants Kenya our client’s satisfactions are our satisfactions. Therefore, we do not put unfair prices for our services as most other consultants. We request our pay based on the situation of the problem.

The smaller the problem the smaller the price of the services we offer.

After the clients sends over the down payment, from that moment on, it is usually up to us to find a solution to his problem and send them a procedure to solve it. Or if possible, meet up and fix it for them.

However, until then the client can hold on to the rest of the money agreed to be paid until they are satisfied with the work done on their computer.


Our clients can rely on us to work on their computers.

We know what we do.

Like I said, we have experience in most of the problems we solve and therefore we can give clear confidence in what we do.

A client can therefore rely on us to be able to fix their computer problems efficiently.

Moreover, we do offer Refunds, for the clients’ computer problems that are unable to solve. In which case, we can provide a better alternative to which the client may be able to avoid the problem at a lower cost.

How to find us.

Gmail: Contact: 0700278347

Write us a quick email.

Contact us for more information.

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