Troubleshooting a computer effectively

`Whether you own a 16 year old Laptop, or a modern core i7 game computer, problems (software/hardware) within are inevitable.

And when problems occur, one has to troubleshoot the computer, find them, and fix them.

How to troubleshoot a computer effectively-troubleshoot a computer

However, before you run to a technician for consultation, it is also wise to learn the nature of the problem. Since there are some DIY problems for which a person can solve on their own. And quite easily.

Therefore today, I’m going to show you how to easily find problems causes within your computer and fixing them.

For the big problems that one cannot be able to solve on their own. You can therefore seek a computer consultant you trust.

And do not ignore a problem no matter how small. Remember, a problem ignored or partially solved, will always come back later to haunt you.

Therefore, look for a proper technician, one that you know is quite familiar with troubleshooting problems quick and accurately, and fixes it, appropriately.

Effective troubleshoot and diagnose of computers.

Troubleshooting a problem within a computer does not only require experience, but also the know-how:

  • The know-how to find the cause of a problem.
  • The know-how to solve the problem completely.

Troubleshooting computer problems.

However before troubleshooting a computer, I would heavily recommend you to always consider your own safety first.

  1. The know-how to find the problem cause, based on the problem symptoms visible within the computer.

How to troubleshoot ac computer effectively- find the problem cause Normally the symptoms presented by a faulty computer; whether hard ware or software, do not necessarily point directly to the problem cause.

For instance, a computer whose hard disk is fried, will not present direct symptoms pointing directly to the hard disk. Causes of a hard disk failure range, and therefore the symptoms have to be different based on the cause of failure. Most of the time, the computer will take time to boot, or fail to boot after a long while trying to load some files. Else, the computer will shut down unexpectedly without a warning.

  • Look for the symptoms.

A computer is supposed to run the same way it ran while new.

Most of the people I meet, tell me that it normal for their computers to react in a quire manner. It is until I troubleshoot their computers, when I find the problem within their computer. Some are minor problems they ought to have fixed a long while ago.

However, symptoms range. It might not be obvious for you that our computer has a problem until you install an app and find out that it cannot run due to some error “0.0001”

These are the symptoms that tell you something is missing in your computer.

Here are a few symptoms that may prove your computer is a miss:

Windows Crash.

Causes of windows crash also differ a lot. Most Windows crash does not point to a direct problem within the computer. The problem cause may range from a minor software interference with widows files, which can be easily solved with a windows restore. To a major hardware problem like a hard disk.

Restarting computer.

Sometimes computers restart due to a faulty device that has been installed into the computer. Windows then restarts your computer to ensure no damage is caused by the faulty device.

However, windows may restart your computer on a more serious note, when there is a device on which a driver that maybe overworking the device hence causing it to fail.
In this case, you need to uninstall the driver present and let the default driver install.

Some software unable to run.

Some software, like games require some drivers and installation files in your computer in-order for them to run.

It is not appropriate for a person to just install their windows and live with it satisfied without looking for updates every now and then.

Slow PC.

In this case, also, problems can range from hardware, to software.

A hardware problem for example maybe: a faulty hard disk.

When a hard disk is faulty:

  •  Explorer files may take long to open.
  •  The windows may take long to log on,
  •  And most applications may take long to open as well as hang while being used.
  •  Also, if the hard disk becomes hot, the computer fails to respond anymore, and you may be forced to restart the computer in order for it to be back online again.

A software problem maybe:

  •  A non-terminating script on a web browser,
  •  A software overrunning the computer more than it is supposed to. For example a Game.
  •  A software lacking files or having a corrupt data archive.
  •  A driver, overrunning a computer hard ware, for example graphics drivers.

Therefore, in order for a person to troubleshoot their computer, they must familiarize themselves with the problems in order to identify the cause of the problem. A computer can be so much harder to diagnose, if a person does not find the accurate cause of the problem within a computer.

Diagnosing computer problems.

How to troubleshoot computer effectiely-diagnose PC

2. The know-how to find the perfect solution to the cause of the computer problem.

After finding the cause of a problem, the next most immediate action for anyone to take is to find an appropriate solution for the problem at hand.
Without the experience or the expertise in the problem at hand, even for a computer technician, it can be impossible for them to find a solution, any solution that could be helpful.

Procedure for finding a solution.
  1. Try searching the solution on Google.

After finding the cause of the problem, it is now easier to find the solution of the problem on Google.

For example:

Let’s assume your computer has a problem of restarting every once in a while. You troubleshoot your computer and find the cause of the problem to be an inappropriate driver installed on your computer.

Look for the model of your computer and write it down. Say, your computer model is a Compaq Presario CQ58

You go to Google, and now enter the keyword, “appropriate graphics driver for Compaq Presario CQ58.”

The reason for this is because, the results that appear, when a search is more precise, are more helpful than searching for a problem on Google. Like, “My computer keeps restarting”

2. Ask around.

Look for forums where people discuss computer problems and listen to other people’s opinions on the same problem. This is also quite helpful.
General troubleshooting of computers.

There are two kind of problems that occur within a computer:
  • Hardware problems
  • Windows OS problems.

Troubleshooting and diagnosing Hardware problems.

How to troubleshoot computer effectively-hardware problmes

Some computer hardware devices are usually more vulnerable than others. Therefore, there are some devices that need more caution handling than others.

Machines are and should always be faulty under constant use. This is why a person must consider constant maintenance.

However as I have enlightened you on the process troubleshooting a computer, we shall take the procedure above to diagnose hardware problems in your computer.

 Find the cause of the problem.

Most hardware problems are caused by dust and lack of proper aeration.

Have you ever realized that a laptop performs faster when it is placed at a higher ground with proper aeration?

This is because some parts like the hard disk perform have to constantly reduce the function in-order for them to cool. Otherwise, when the machine overheats, the slower it becomes.

This is not the only negative effect of heat. However, it is a common symptom for the computer to respond slower if it overheats.

Find a solution for the problem.

Like we discussed earlier you should always try to find solutions on Search Engines where there are many answers.

Troubleshooting and diagnosing Windows problems (problems within the OS.)

How to troubleshoot computers effectively-windows problems

If you refer to the below process: It can be much easier to fix the problems at hand.

  • Finding the cause of the problem,
  •  And finding the solution for the problem.

I believe, each and every problem that you face someone must have faced it before and wrote it down for people like us to find.

Problems that occur within the computer range from:
  •  Windows crash
  •  Lost data.
  • Missing driver and device controllers.

I will use the same procedure to explain how to troubleshoot windows problems as I have used in the article for troubleshooting Hardware problems.

Computer maintenance as a method of troubleshooting.

Computer maintenance is very important.

Most of the problems that occur within the computer are problems we can easily prevent and avoid the cost of repair.

Hardware problems are mostly caused by accumulation of dust in the computer, which causes the computer to overheat.

The cost of cleaning dust within the computer is about 10$ for whichever computer.

However, the effect of overheating a computer will cost you a hard disk, Fan, and possibly a fried motherboard; which well, is more like buying another computer.

Therefore, knowing the appropriate maintenance practices are much more important than knowing how to troubleshoot a computer.

Always consider putting your own safety first.