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The software provide in my website are not mine. Most of them are provided by affiliate networks I am connected to.

Therefore by providing these downloads I do not claim ownership, but help the users get a faster and more detailed procedure into downloading their applications.

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The products in this website are promoted by several brands. These brands have been scanned and found to be free of malicious programs, and also provide full customer support. However, if it becomes hard to reach them you can always go through me.

My commerce

Digital commerce is a platform that is developed to help product developers be able to sell their products out.


They are experts in digital marketing and sales management. Therefore the product developers rely on them for sale and marketing of their products.

In short, if your purchase was not successful but your account was billed they are the people to ask questions by submitting your query.

My commerceSince the products they offer are mainly software, they are able to manage and provide products across the globe.

The company is also well managed, and the fact that it provided ample customer care it is also able to run smoothly.

Therefore, you do not have to be afraid of purchasing from these platform, your products will be delivered; that is a promise.

Applications offered by MY COMMERCE.

Of course the applications on the platform are endless, but I am going to list the software that are in my website that are managed by my commerce.

This website however provides their downloads through a download manager. Regnow, is a reliable download manager which not only hastens your downloads, but also enables you to be able to pause and continue your downloads safely.

Read here to learn to use this download manager.

Data backup tools

The data backup tools provided by this website are limitless. I only given a few examples on this page. However more applications can be accessed from my  downloads page.

  • Ashampoo data recovery tool.

It is the most compiled data backup tool available. Where you can be able to backup online and offline data altogether.

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  • AOMEI Backuper proffesionalAomei backupper backup tool.

It is the quickest tool to use in your computer to create a data backup. It is developed in each tool which you would require to create data backup offline.

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  • Easeus todo backupEaseus data backup tool

It is the most efficient data backup tool. It is not only comprehensive but also very effective in computer data backup.

The tools featured on this application are efficient in every operation they run. Purchase tool


Data recovery tools 

It also provides data recovery tools, which are still downloaded in the same format-look in my downloads page, and also purchased from the same website.

  • Easeus data recovery wizardEaseus data backup tool.

This is the most organized and effective data recovery tool. You can be able to view your data in an organized folder organization manner before you perform a data recovery.Purchase tool


  • Remo Data recovery tool.Remo recovery tool

This tool is very efficient in data recovery.  It is well developed to help you recover your data, without tampering with the data configuration.Purchase tool



Most of these tools have been provided for a trial version. You can therefore feel free to download and purchase from the trial version.

Alternatively you can purchase from the website which is much easier and then enter your activation key on your application It is much easier since you won’t need to move through a lot of servers that may be confusing.

Clever bridge 

Clever bridge is yet another trusted software affiliate network for which I as well as the product developers trust to supply and manage sales for these products.

However this company does not offer download trials for most of its applications. Therefore, you have to directly purchase the applications.


Clver bridge program purchase software

It is very safe to purchase your applications using this website.

Customer support 24/7 there is no need to worry about getting stuck in the purchase process.

Programs offered by Clever bridge

Data backup tools.

  • paragon backup and recovery toolparagon backup and recovery.

Paragon data backup and recovery is a very easy tool to use. you can be able to backup your data and also recover it within a matter of minutes.

It does not involve a lot of procedures to create one data backup.

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these are some of the tools we shall be working together with to purchase important tools. If you would like to, you can register using the link below in the main page.